Vanish continued…

Not the most recent story I’ve been working on, but at least it’s something.

From my vantage point from the fort I watched as a figure zipped up a cargo line and began to swing in a large circle. I was amazed at the fact that all those men with guns fired at the escaping Jack Sparrow and none made a hit.

“No wonder they lost the American Revolution. They suck.” I was still watching as the pirate zip-lined down and made his escape.

“I’ve seen this part. It’s boring.” I turned and wandered the fort, exploring every inch of the place. I glanced down from the battlements when they took Sparrow to jail. I was wandering around some more, more or less walking thru the doors and getting surprises on the other side.

“Whoops!” I muttered, backing out of the room. “I guess that stuff happens in this century’s navy, too. Yowza!”

Night fell and I was ogling the view from Commodore Norrington’s office. You could see the sun set from there. It was the most beautiful I had ever seen, better than the pictures of the sun set that they put in the magazines to promote tourism in the Caribbean isles.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” A man in deer skin was suddenly next to me, also appreciating the view. “As long as I’ve been alive, that never fails to awe me.” I just stared at the man, mentally drooling. He looked Native American, with long hair just a few shades lighter than brown, his almond colored eyes blew me away. I have never seen a man this gorgeous before.

I blinked at him once I snapped out of mentally undressing him. “Who…?” I asked.

“Oh, so sorry. Coyote.” He grinned at me with gleaming white teeth, what scared me was the pointed canines.


“Getting freaked out?”

I nodded, dumbly. He grinned again.

“I get that a lot.”


“…am I speaking English?” He pointed to himself. “Hello! A god here! Pulled it from your mind. Couldn’t really talk to you in Lakota, now could I?”


He frowned at me. “Monosyllable much? Anyway, just wanted to see how you were holding up. You know, if you‘d gone nuts yet…say you‘re kinda cute. Wanna see me juggle my eyeballs?”

“Uh…” I squeaked.

“Ooo, looking a little green there girly, maybe you ought to sit down?” He helped me ease into a chair.

“Coyote!!” It was the voice from before, it startled me so much that I just fell thru the chair and landed on my ass on the floor.

“Raven!” Coyote grinned into the darkening sky. “So nice of you to join us.”

“Coyote, what have I told you? She is mine!” The voice was angry.

“Oh, really?” Coyote peered at me. “I don’t see your name written anywhere, unless it’s in a hidden spot?” He reached down and unbuttoned my jeans.

At that time I had enough sense to slap his hands away and scramble, zipping my jeans back up as I did.

“What the hell?!” I managed to shriek. Adjusting my glasses, I glared at the God-Man in front of me.

“Ah! She awakens! Knew you were lively. C’mon and give me a kiss, sugar butt.”

“No w-” My remark was cut short by the fact that Coyote was behind me, with his arms around me, kissing my neck.

I gurgled.

“Oh, tasty. Raven, Raven, you gotta come down here, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Coyote, let her go or I will go down there and personally eviscerate you.” The voice sounded annoyed.

“Oh? You gonna become a leaf and impregnate her?” Coyote was being sarcastic. “You already done that with someone else, you gotta be more original.”


“Yeah, I get you.” Coyote spun me around, planting a long wet one before whispering in my ear. “We’ll pick this up later, dream of me.” His hot breath playing against the sensitive part behind my ear. I’m pretty sure I moaned. He grinned at me while he faded from existence right before my eyes.

“Forgive him, he is called a dog for a reason.” Raven whispered to me once Coyote had gone. “Always taking my toys.”

“Toys….toys!?!?!?” I was pissed. “I’m nothing more than a toy to you? You…you…you bastard!”

“At ease, mortal girl.” His voice felt like a gentle caress all over my body. “You are more than just a toy. You are a prize.” With that he was gone.

I stood there in silence, it was then I realized I was panting for breath. “Whoa.” I stood there, my heart beating against my chest. It was then that I realized that the thundering sounds I heard was not my heartbeats in my ears, but explosions in the fort.

“Oh! Oh! Stupid me, I’m missing it!” I was hurrying towards the door when it burst open and Governor Swann rushed in, wig askew with a couple of Marines in tow.

“You’ll be safe here Governor Swann.” One of the Marines said, at closer inspection he looked very young, barely 17 at my best guest. I glared at them all and walked thru them and up into the battlements where there was a flurry of activity, with cannons being loaded, orders being shouted and pirates shooting their way into what they thought was the armory. Which I knew was wrong because I found the armory was about three hallways to the left.

The exploding wall and the dead marines that resulted from thus stopped me from mistaking this for a movie anymore. I became sick from what I saw. “They’re real people. Not actors. You can’t fake being killed. Not like that.” I realized. Then I threw up.

Seeing people killed in front of you can do that to a person. I felt weak and dirty, I hid in the nearest crevice I could find and stayed there until the cannons quieted. I have no ideal how long I stayed in my little niche. Hours, for all I knew. I didn’t emerge until the sun came out. The surviving marines were carrying their dead away, and attending to the wounded.

“I didn’t want to see this. To think, I thought it would have been exciting. Boy, was I ever wrong about that!”

It was…horrible. Worse than horrible, no words were able to describe the devastation I just saw. I never wanted to repeat the experience again. I spotted the Governor and followed him to a little alcove where a table with a large map decked out across it was positioned. The Commodore was there with a lot of different other blue uniforms and some marines as well. I sat on the steps leading up to it, my back to the wigged mucky mucks.

I didn’t move at all when Will Turner dashed up the steps and ran right through me. There was an argument with the mentioning of Jack Sparrow and the Pearl. I caught the Commodore speaking to Will Turner in a tone as to not share the conversation with the others. I just sat there and listened to it all.

“Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are the only man here who cares for Elizabeth.” I looked up at the both of them.

“Suckers, the lot of ya.” I commented before I went back to my semi aware state of near insanity. Turner huffed off and I sat there for a while staring out into nothingness, trying to come to terms with what I had seen just a few hours before.

“Ooooo, my kind of mayhem.” A voice cackled to my right. I didn’t even look.

“Go away or go to Hell. Your choice.”

“Someone definitely has your nipples in a twist.” My head jerked towards the voice and I saw a semi short blond man with the cliché black pointy ‘I am evil’ eyebrows.

“And who are you?” I asked, already bored with him.

“Loki, and I’d be careful with what tone you address me with mortal.”

“Oh, like whether I live or die really matters to me.” I muttered.

“What, you’re serious? Dear Odin, we’ve broken you already!” He looked alarmed.

I couldn’t help it, I started to cry. He really looked panicked then. “What do you expect!” I wailed. “You take me from my home and drop me in this era with all the touchability of a ghost and expect me to keep from going mad? You are definitely over estimating me. I’m a nobody with nothing and all I want to do is go home! I’ve had enough of this!”

He patted me awkwardly on the back. “Uh, there, there.” I just glared at him thru watery eyes.

“What I wanted was to scare you, I didn’t expect for you to give up already.”

“After what I seen last night? All the killing and blood and…” He touched the back of my head and I suddenly stopped crying. “Wha…?”

“Thought so. I took the emotional reaction from that night from your memory. That way you remember it without a complete meltdown. Or would you rather I erase it completely?”

“I’d rather you not tamper with my memory at all!” I frowned.

“None the less…you’ve given me an idea. A rather delicious idea. Thank you.”

“Oh, no.” I was suddenly filled with dread.

“I’ll grant you a dubious gift. You will be seen, but not by those who you think, you will touch, but only with undisturbed concentration, you will need no food nor drink yet long for it, until the spell is broken.”

“You’re placing a curse on me?!?!”

“Remember Loki.” He faded away, just like Coyote, leaving his Cheshire cat grin as the last thing to fade.