Untitled and Unentered. Random scenes from ‘Vanish’ trilogy.

I soaked in the tub. I sat and soaked for hours. I guess Lord Beckett was getting a bit impatient, he walked into my ‘room’.

“You’ve been here long enough. Now, where is the heart?”

“I’ll tell you if you leave and let me get dressed.”

He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Convince me.”

I gapped at him. I leaned forward in the tub.

“I won’t tell you where the heart is if you stand there and stare at me while I bathe.”

The look he gave me sent a shiver down my spine. It was predatory, a more dangerous look than that Jack gave me.

“I may just forgo this heart business for a …taste of your charms.” His eyes drifted down to one of my exposed legs which I had shaved before getting in the tub and had now shown smooth with the water sliding down.

“I’ll have to decline that offer, Lord Beckett. I’m afraid my charms are not for you.”

He walked slowly around the tub as I spoke. He reached forward and picked up a lock of my wet hair off my shoulder and rubbed it between his fingers.

“Have they been claimed by another?”

I could hear his calculating thoughts in his voice. His question was a trap, I know something bad would happen if I answered either way. He was waiting for my answer.

“No, no one.” I reluctantly admitted. He was standing behind me, still playing with my wet hair. His hand was suddenly on my shoulder, making me gasp in surprise.

“Get out of the bath. Get dressed. Then come to my office, I’ll be cross if you disobey.”

He started to walk out.

“What will you do if I don’t?”

He paused and glanced at me over his shoulder.

“You wouldn’t like it.” was his answer. The door shut silently behind him.

“What an exit.” I muttered. I stood and dried off, making sure my fingers stopped looking like prunes before I got dressed in a clean linen under dress who’s neckline was ridiculously low. Next was a corset that I tied loosely around my chest, making sure it lifted and separated the important bits. The next after that was a light flower dress with, again a low neckline exposing an alarming amount of cleavage. My still dripping clothes were hanging over the changing screen. I had to chance it sans panties. I quickly put on the stockings and the shoes also provided and shifted uncomfortably as I combed the knots out of my still damp hair. I was struggling with a particularly nasty tangle when there was a soft knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I grunted out.

“James Norrington, are you decent?”

“It depends on your meaning of decent.” I muttered. “Yes.” I called back.

The door opened and he walked in. Gone was the beard I had gotten so used to. His hair was pulled back and clean and he was dressed in clean clothes. I was smiling at him before I could stop myself. I was still looking in the mirror and what surprised me most was that he smiled back at me. He walked up and took the brush from my hand and gently worked on the knot that frustrated me. He finished getting the knots out and looked at my reflection along with his own.

“What a difference a bath makes.” He said.

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked him. “Is your intention to become a privateer for the East India Trading Company?”

He gave me a hard look.

“You’ve sold your soul.” I whispered.

He spun me around and gripped my upper arms tightly.

“I may have sold my soul but you are a prisoner. Your prison may be a fancy one but still a prison nonetheless.”

“Help me escape.”

He still stared at me angrily but his hands loosened their grip and his thumbs started rubbing my arms in small circles.

“I cannot. It would jeopardize my newly gained freedom.” He let me go. “Lord Beckett requests your presence in his office.”

“Of course.” I tied up my hair in a ponytail, securing it with ribbon that matched the color of flowers on my dress.

He escorted me to the office where Lord Beckett sat behind his desk and waved us in.

“Mr. Norrington, please be so kind as to shut the door, as I am sure the interrogation shall be a bit…heated.”

The former Commodore did a small bow and was nearly out the door when Lord Beckett called out to him.

“I didn’t say you could leave.”

The former Commodore looked shocked before steeling his face and closing the door. He came up behind me and escorted me to the seat in front of the desk.

“Very well, we’ll start the interrogation. Name?”

He dipped his quill into the inkwell and paused it over the paper. I stared at him a long time before answering.


He scribbled.

“Amelia what?”

I made my mouth flatten.

“Amelia Doe.”

He paused in his writing and looked at me.

“Are you lying to me?”

“Yes and no.”

He looked annoyed. “Very well, Amelia Doe. Where are you from?”

“North America.”

“One of the colonies, then?”

“Yes and no.”

He gave me another annoyed look.


“Not in this world.” I was completely truthful in this, knowing they’d misinterpret. Lord Beckett scribbled some more.





“Husband?” His eyes pierced mine with the inquiry.


“Fiancé?” His eyes kept staring.


“Any currant or former lovers?”

“No.” A small smile graced his face.

“You’ve never known a man?”

I understood immediately where he was getting at.

“If you’re going to ask don’t be so vague. Yes, I am a virgin.”

“Then we’ll have to be more gentile with our methods. Mr. Mercer, you may leave.” The frightening man that was nearly constantly at Lord Beckett’s side left the room with a sickening grin on his face. I heard a bolt slide across metal.

“You have no hope of escape.” Lord Beckett informed me matter-of-fact. He picked up the various knickknacks off his desk and placed them in the drawer, the papers he placed on a different table.

He walked around and helped me up and out of the chair.

“Amelia. May I call you Amelia?”

“I suppose.” I nodded slowly, eyeing him wearily.

“I do apologize in advance.”

Then with a speed and strength that I never knew anyone his size possessed, he put me flat on my back on top of his desk, my hands pinned over my head. I was stunned momentarily before I started to struggle.

“Mr. Norrington!” The former Commodore was standing at my head in a flash. “Do hold her down while I do this.”

Larger, stronger hands engulfed my wrists. The smaller hands delicately moved down my arms, caressing the exposed skin of my forearms before descending down onto the bare part of my shoulders.

“I could have you branded as a Pirate.” He whispered into my ear.

“I’m not a pirate!” I nearly screamed, struggling with the man who held my wrists and the one who now lay completely on top of me.

“No, no, you are not a pirate.” He bent his head down and kissed my neck. “You, my dear, are a thief!”

I squealed when he bit down, then gently sucked on the same spot. I was moaning pathetically, realizing that he was giving me a hickey.

“Where is the heart, Amelia?” He asked sweetly, rubbing gentle circles on the spot he bit, ensuring a hickey would show up.

I shook my head, no.

He nipped at my cleavage, again making me gasp.

“Tell me where it is, Amelia.”

“No!” I croaked out.

“Very well, so be it.” He climbed off of me and roughly grabbed my ankles. I started screaming when he bent my legs and lifted my dress over my knees.

“Lord Beckett! You don’t mean to–”

“I’ll not have you question me!” I got out one final scream before his head disappeared from my view. My scream was replaced by a choked gasp, when Lord Beckett pried my knees apart and placed his tongue at my crevice.

“Oh my God!” I moaned. I gasped and moaned and wriggled and arched away. But strong arms and hands kept my hips in place as his relentless ministrations continued.

I was gasping for breath when I felt my breasts pop out of the dress and then tighten in the cool air of the Caribbean night. I tugged desperately at the hands that held my wrists. I finally had enough leeway to grab at the wrists that held me. My hands tightened and his lost their grip. I moved quickly, moving the large strong hands to my breasts that ached for attention. I had to guide the hands to the kneading motion that would intensify the feelings. By then all I could do was non-coherent pleasure whining. I got the dress off with free hands and got the corset off and the linen dress was slipped off my shoulders and it pooled around my waist.

They got me sitting on the edge of the desk, half naked, with the former commodore kneeling behind me, handling my breasts and Lord Cutler Beckett between my legs, orally worshipping my cunt.

“Where is the heart, Amelia?”

My head was fuzzy from the blood rushing down to my sexual organs. Within seconds the fuzziness was gone.

“No.” I replied defiantly.

A cross look drifted across his face before he raised his hand and pressed two fingers against my lips.

I opened my mouth to oblige and then sucked on the offered digits. I’m sure the look I was giving Lord Beckett was scorching.

“The way you do that…”

He trailed off, slowly removing wet fingers from my mouth.

“It’s amazing what they write in books these days.” I told him.

He gave me a tight lipped smile. “I’ll have to see how well you do that.”

He kept looking in my eyes, making me unprepared when he inserted the wet fingers into me. I tensed and mewled a cry.

“It hurts!” I whimpered.

“Well, you are telling the truth. You are a virgin.”

“Please stop.”

“All in due time.” He bent his head back down and I saw his tongue dart out and flick at my swollen nub. I gasped when he continued doing it, making my belly feel warm and grow warmer as he kept on doing it.

I reached down to him only to have him grab my wrist and place it securely on the desk, his hand gripping my wrist. With my free hand I finally did what I wanted to do since I first saw him, I pushed his wig off and ran my fingers through his hair before pulling his head closer to me.

The warm was getting larger, all of a sudden I felt like I exploded. I pressed myself backward and felt arms go around me, I dug my nails into one of the arms as I came down from the feeling. The pressure in my hips faded as I went limp from total exhaustion.

“We shall continue the interrogation tomorrow.” I was placed gently down onto the desk and I laid there, just listening as Beckett spoke to Norrington. I managed to crack open an eye.

“Would you like a taste? She has quite a unique flavor.” Beckett was offering Norrington two fingers, the ones he used to slip into me. The warm feeling flooded back when I saw Norrington accept the offering.

I closed my eye and promptly passed out with the two of them seared into my memory.

[email protected]!~

My dreams were still haunted by Coyote and Raven only this time they double teamed me. One was behind me, the other in front, both whispering that I needed to choose. Then they did something awful, they transformed into Beckett and Norrington. They continued to whisper ‘Choose’.

It was more vivid than the rest. Coyote, who had transformed himself into Norrington had set himself upon the front half of my body, gently touching, licking and kissing anything he could reach. Raven, who had become Beckett was more sure of his caresses, running his fingers down my back, making me arch into the other man. He massaged my shoulders and neck as he entered me from behind. I woke up as the orgasm hit, gasping as I still felt everything slowly fade from my body.

“Choose…” they both whispered in my head.

It was before sunrise when I got up. I got dressed and allowed the East India Marine to follow me. My mind still reeling from the dream, I wandered down to the beach and stared at the water.

“You look so sad.” A man with a large gray wig sat beside me on the overturned boat I was using as a bench. I smiled at him, of course I recognized Wheatherby Swann.

“Just thinking on how much my life has changed over the last couple of years. How I ended up in the mess I’m in now.”

“Does it have to do with Lord Cutler Beckett?”

I nodded, knowing he’d noticed the red clad man standing guard behind me.

“Word of advice, dear? Get out while you can.”

I chuckled. “I don’t think I could outrun him in these shoes.” I lifted a foot, showing the dainty shoe already getting ruined by the sand and water.

“Miss? Time to go.” The marine informed me.

“I’m sorry, sir. Must lunch with Lord Beckett.” I sighed.

“Good luck, my dear.” I have him another smile and waved good bye as I was escorted to the office once again.

Beckett was pouring over some papers when I was shown in, I took a seat in a chair in front of the desk. With a wave of his hand everyone left the office, leaving us alone.

“Amelia, my dear, how was your day?”

“Do you actually care or was it a rhetorical question?”

He just gave me his tight lipped smile. He gestured to an alcove where a small table was set up with two chairs. He held my chair out for me and made sure I was comfortably seated before he took his own seat.

“Amelia.” He motioned and two uniformed men set out lunch for us. “I give my word that I shall be utterly civil with you, now please enjoy the food and my company.” A glass of wine was poured for me in a flute glass. The two men then left.

“I know it’s not proper for us to dine alone but Mr. Norrington refused to join us.”

“You don’t have to make excused, Lord Beckett. I’m sure I can fend you off if necessary.” I gave him a cold look, he gave me a smirk.

“Like you fended me off last night?”

“I had no choice.” I shot back.

“You pushed my head closer to you, how is that not a choice?”

“Is that all you brought me here for? To humiliate me?” I got up with every intention of leaving.

“I apologize, it was not my intention to … ‘humiliate’ you. Please, sit.”

I stopped moving toward the door and looked at him from over my shoulder, I pushed my glasses up my nose to focus on him better.

“Why should I?”

He stood and walked over to me and placed a hand on the small of my back. We were of equal height so he looked into my eyes.

“Because you are hungry and I want to feed you.”

He had a point. He pushed gently on my back and led me back to my seat and I finally looked at the food laid out before me. I waited until Beckett started to eat before I even picked up a fork.

But I have to admit I was hungry and the food was delicious. But there was a problem.

“Um,” I looked at the wine “I don’t drink alcohol.”

“Oh?” He sipped from his own glass. “A Teetotaler?”

I hesitated. “I just don’t like the taste of it.”

He looked at me a moment. He set his glass down and stood up. I was so startled I sat back against the chair. He kneeled down beside me and picked up a strawberry from the table.

“Wine is an acquired taste. I would like to see you expand your palate.” He dipped the strawberry into the wine glass.

“Open your mouth.”

I looked at him a moment and slowly complied. He took the strawberry and fed it to me, it dribbled down my chin a bit before I took a bite. It was heady and sweet, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the strawberry drenched in wine melt in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and was startled to see Beckett still there. I blushed, unsure of what happened after I closed my eyes.

“Would you like another?” He asked me softly.

“Yes, please.”

He picked up another strawberry and dipped it once more into the wine glass. I was ready and quickly bit into the strawberry, holding his wrist as I savored the taste, letting the heady tartness of the wine mingle with the natural sweetness of the fruit.

I felt a familiar warmth spread thru my chest all the way from the tips of my nipples to the bottom of my toes. I’m sure I moaned.

“Ahem.” I opened my eyes and turned to the source of the noise. Norrington was standing, back straight as a board, hands behind him. He was giving me a disapproving look.

“Mr. Norrington, your timing is quite…unfortunate.” Beckett stood up and stayed by me for a moment. He brushed his thumb against my chin as I discreetly glanced at the bulge in front of his pants. I did notice that never gave Norrington a full view of that bulge.

“Are you going to join us Mr. Norrington?” I asked, a bit breathless from my insane tasting experience. He eyed the both of us for a moment before nodding.

Once a place was set for him the

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