The Turn: Part 1

This has been in the works for quite a while, still working on it.


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I never should have let it happen. Sure, Diana and Greg warned me not to get too close but I ignored them. I was curious, she was exotic, her eyes were the oddest shade of blue. She looked innocent, and fragile and weak. I was completely fooled, I looked into her wide eyes and leaned forward. The little bitch reached out with those wicked claws and slashed my face!


I cursed out loud, for my stupidity and the pain on the right side of my face. Now not only do I have this disgusting scar, I share the cell next to her.


"Fool!" she spat at me.


"Freak!" I hissed back.


"Not the only one, now." She smirked at me.


I sighed and glowered at the people looking at me. I was part of the exhibit now because I got suckered by a pretty face. I growled and the crowd scooted back. Oh, wonderful! The ditzy tour guide is coming around again.


"Here we have two wonderful examples of the rare and beautiful werecougars." Her perky voice intoned to the Japanese tourists.


Then came the god dammed flashes! I was momentarily blinded by those asses. I got pissed off and charged the bars. The crowd screamed and rushed away from me. Since the change my brown hair turned tan gold and longer, and when I hacked it off with the blunt butter knife provided I got all my 'potential weapons' removed from my 'habitat'.


I stepped away from the bars, knowing that if I did that again, they'd electrically charge it. It hurt like hell when they did that.


"Stop being stupid! You will get us both into trouble for being aggressive."


"Maybe if you hadn't scratched me, we wouldn't be in this predicament."


"I cannot help the beast inside, it has been a long while since I had companionship of my own kind."


"Great! Really! Now that I'm a freak like you, you have all the companionship you want."


"Do not get angry with me, you ignored the warnings from the signs and your friends."


"Don't remind me." I folded my arms in front of my chest, and glared at the crowd again. Diana and Greg promised me that they would visit. So far nothing.


She reached out to me thru the bars, with a small smile. "I shall be your friend if you accept me."


I turned my glare to her. Her smile faltered and she pulled her arm back, she looked a little crushed at my rejection. I sat down on the straw bed they gave us and pouted. I was already disowned by my parents, they cut off all ties to me. I even had my own funeral as soon as they heard. To become a were-anything is to 'die' meaning you no longer exist. You are nothing but an animal, that's why I'm here in the zoo. Not just any zoo, The Alistor Institute For The Preservation Of Endangered Species. AKA The Freak Zoo. Why am I endangered? Because Betty Blue Eyes over there and I are the last known female werecougars on record. Meaning other zoos are going to send us male werecougars to see if we will 'mate'.


Since I'm new they'll try all the males with me first before they try them with Yasmine. That's her name, she told me after I was released from quarantine. They discuss us like we don't understand what they are talking about.


"Maybe this one won't try to kill the males like the other one tries to." The girl keeper said to the vet.


"We can try with her first, see how they take to each other. The first three will come next week. Hopefully we'll get a successful mating pair."


Uh huh. Not likely there Doc. I didn't say nothing to them, they wouldn't have listened to me anyway. I don't even KISS on the first date, let alone fuck.

So now I'm pouting in my enclosure, waiting until they close the zoo to take us off exhibit and begin the 'introduction' with the three males that came from Montana.


"We will not like them." Yasmine informed me.


"You don't have to tell me that, Yas."


"They always send the worst. They are too submissive to be proper mates."


"That's because of all the drugs they pump into them."


"I could tear out their throats with one claw behind my back. They are pathetic and useless." She grumbled over to me, she started to pace the bars that we shared. "They are cubs, young. Too young, too inexperienced to be proper mates. They always pick the weak ones, killing them would only be merciful for the lives they lead."


"You're talking about murder."


"I speak of nature, of life. Only the strong survive, you survived, you are strong, strong enough to kill the weaker ones."


I stared at her. She's suggesting that I kill the males they want us to mate with. If they're weak. The thing is, I don't want to mate. She stopped and stared at me, with those odd blue eyes that drew me in the first time. The eyes of a killer, the eyes of an animal. I knew I mirrored her look. The thought of blood made me warm. Of taking my new inch and a half razor sharp claws and raking them over the prospect's neck, severing the jugular, watching them bleed out on the cold cement floor in front of me.


I shook my head. I'm becoming the thing that everyone thinks I am. I squished the thought out of my head and my blood cooled. I will not kill. I will NOT kill.


The speakers announced closing in fifteen minutes. Oh boy, near show time. They opened the steel doors, oh great, it's the guy keeper, he's making kissy noises. I growl and hiss, flashing him my kitty fangs. He's an asshole, Yasmine does the same thing. One of these days I'm gonna get him. I prowl into the back enclosure, not wanting to see the public any more than I have to. Yasmine does the same, the steel doors close behind us and the tunnel doors open for us to go into the interior exam cages. I heave a sigh at the sight of the ominous black steel and stalk thru it and plop myself onto the bedding. Yasmine protests so they prod her with long sticks and she runs into the exam cage. Again we are separated by bars and I roll my eyes at her. She sees me do that and she blushes at her behavior.


"I do not like my life run for me."


"Neither do I but I don't throw a fit every time they do this."


I heard the familiar sound of heels walking briskly towards us, and saw Doc come over and peer at us over his glasses. I posed in a relaxed sprawl and gave him a smirk. He smiled at me and winked. He's what everyone calls a Freak Freak. His sexual preference are Weres. During quarantine, while I was sedated he came into my cage, stripped me of my clothes and made love to me. I say made love because he didn't just fuck me. He caressed my entire body, made me orgasm a few times before he even got naked himself. It's risky to do that to a Were, because even the smallest scratch can kill him if not that then he becomes the thing he studies. He's ballsy, pretty much I like him. Yasmine doesn't.


"Ladies, in a few minutes you'll be meeting your prospective mates." He announced to us. My eyebrow rose at that, he usually isn't happy when he does something the Institute wants him to do. "They're good stock. Please, Yasmine, don't kill them like you did the last one."


Yasmine just hissed at him.


Then the cages across the narrow hall were activated, and three guys walked into the separate cages assigned for them. Doc turned half way and glanced at them before returning his gaze to Yasmine and myself. "Good night, Ladies." He turned and exited.

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