The Gift

Author: Erin Land w/TW (playing the muse)
Fandom: Lord of The Rings
Type: Oh, definite PWP, Smut abounds in this one, be warned.
Disclaimer: I do not Own anything from LOTR and I make no money.
Feedback: much appreciated
Notes:Caution: Smut of the Non-Vanilla variety. Seeing as how most of my recent posts have been smut related, it seems a shame to stop that trend now. I would like to give credit to TW for helping me with this, she pretty much helped to write most of this by giving me the ideas. This is my first somewhat slashy story and I would like to know if I did a good job. Um, that is all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Fic.


“I’ve got a gift for you, love.” He whispered into her ear.

“A gift? What is it?” She turned to him with a smile.

Haldir sat himself down into the chair next to her with practiced ease. He smirked at her eagerness and gently tugged on the stray lock of brown waves that fell loose of her intricate braid.

“You will see. But you must first wear this.” He pulled out a swath of cloth. She looked doubtful. “Please, Erin. You will enjoy this gift.”

“If I must…” she closed her eyes and allowed him to place the blindfold on. She felt his fingers in her hair. “Haldir, What are you doing?”

“Loosening your hair, you look more delectable with it around your shoulders.” He nibbled on her neck before placing a handful of her thick waves down her front, caressing her breast as he did.

“Let’s go.” She said leaning into his touch and bouncing slightly. He chuckled and led her to his talan.

He unmasked her with a flourish and she gasped at the sight before her. Bound to his bed with red silk ropes was a very naked, very handsome dark-haired elf.

“Who is this, Haldir?” she asked, slightly distracted.

“It does not matter, love. He is for you to do as you wish.” She glared at him as he gave her a little push towards the bed. She gathered her long skirt up to crawl up to the splayed elf and caress his thighs, he stifled a moan as he slowly started to get an erection.

“You certainly are sensitive aren’t you?” He cracked a little smile at her.

She felt the mattress sag behind her and strong hands go around her and begin to unlace the bodice of her elvish gown. The gown was pushed down to her waist before the hands came back up to cup her breasts. She closed her eyes and moaned in appreciation, thrusting back against Haldir.

“Don’t neglect your toy, love.” He murmured to her.

She looked at the dark elf on the bed, squirming in his bonds, his complexion darkening with lust. She gave him a devilish smile, pulling away from Haldir and nipping gently at his exposed thigh. He gasped as she nipped the opposite side and gently kissed the offending mark she left. She slid the rest of the gown off and crawled around the tied elf, inspecting his body with a critical eye.

With a smirk she latched on to one of his nipples and teased it until the little bud stood up. She glanced at a bare-chested Haldir and grinned at him.

“You can play with my toy, too, Haldir.” He grinned at the immobile elf and caressed his thighs as Erin did earlier, startling him.

“YOU NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT-” the dark haired one started, only to be slapped by the woman.

“Did I SAY you could talk?” He shut his mouth, shifting uncomfortably under Haldir’s touch. She leaned over and started on the other nipple, giving him mixed emotions on his situation. She kissed her way up his chest and neck, giving ghost kisses on his jaw and cheeks. She started a slow sensuous kiss on his lips, regaining the erection that he started to loose. He started to moan when she trailed her lips up his cheek and to his sensitive ears, becoming louder as she took the delicate tip into her mouth and gently started to suck on it. He became so lost to the pleasure he barely registered a hot mouth enwrapping his engorged cock.

She moaned against his ear, and gently scraped her teeth against the sensitive tip before staring down his body at the blonde head, sucking expertly at the dark haired elf’s dick. Following her intense stare, he saw what made her moan; he choked back a cry of shock.

“Oh, Haldir! Too soon, I want him to last. Leave him alone.” She admonished as she sat back on her heels. He reluctantly let go with a frown, which quickly turned into a lustful smile when she reached forward and tugged on the front of his breeches.

“Come here, you.” He obliged, crawling over the prone elf to do so. She reached up, grabbing handfuls of his hair and pulled him down to her, kissing him as her hands wandered down and took off the offending cloth that he still wore. She laid down, pulling him on top of her and wrapped her legs around his waist. He thrusted and entered her completely with a satisfied sigh. He started his thrusting slow and lingering, savoring the feel of her around him. He tossed the tied elf a smirk as she moaned out his name as he quickened his pace.

“Faster!” she ordered, leaving long pink scratches on his back when he ignored her the first time. She trembled soon after in orgasm then shoved him off her, she looked at the dark elf next to her and a wicked smile slowly came to her face.

“Haldir, suck him. I’ll be right back.” She hopped off the bed and left the room. Haldir grabbed the dark elf’s squirming hips to keep him still. He lowered his head and licked him from base to head before taking his length into his mouth. His hand sneaked down and he started to gently rub the brown pucker of his anus, moving his finger over it. The dark elf wiggled and moaned, closing his eyes to the alien sensation.

She returned with her hands behind her back, she sidled to the bed stand and placed a white candle on the empty holder and lit it. The room was slowly filled with the scent of lavender. She then nudged Haldir off of the dark elf and produced a long thin black velvet swath of fabric. She trailed the fabric down his chest and wrapped it around the base of his thick penis and gently tied it, making it secure. Once in place, she leaned down to his ear.

“That’s to make sure you don’t go soft on me.” With a slight nod, Haldir continued. She focused her attention on his smooth chest, kissing and nipping at random intervals, occasionally tasting him as he started to perspire. She stopped and traced Haldir’s ear to get his attention. He looked up at her, letting the penis come out of his mouth with a pop.

“This is about to get interesting.” She said, carefully bringing the burning candle to her, looking at Haldir with a glint in her eye, she let the liquid wax fall in little drops on to the tied elf’s stomach.

He hissed, shocked by the sudden change in temperature, panting as he felt the wax cool on his body, feeling more of the hot liquid fall higher on his stomach. Some of the wax fell on the sensitive skin of his inner elbow. He cried out in pain, in shock, in lust. He felt his entire body throbbing out of control.

Erin and Haldir exchanged a look, and then in unison they began their tandem ascent up the writhing elf’s body, removing the solid wax as they went. They reached his neck and she went for the burning candle once more, dripping wax onto his chest, making him moan louder. She grinned at Haldir who was biting and nipping one spot on the tied elf’s neck, making an interesting mark. She dripped more wax onto his chest, catching one of his nipples in the drip. He arched up with a guttural sound she never heard come from an elf.

“Music to my ears. You please me, dark one.” Her voice full of arousal. She placed the candle back onto the side table and allowed the wax to cool completely before gently scratching it off his over stimulated body. She arched an eyebrow at Haldir before throwing her leg over the tied elf and slowly mounting his twitching, throbbing length. Haldir moved his oral worshiping from the dark elf’s neck to his mouth, giving him surprisingly gentle kisses for such a muscular elf. It was a few moments before the tied elf started to kiss him in return, sliding his tongue in and tasting the other elf. She moaned and moved in slow sensuous undulations upon his stiff flesh, raking her nails across her own belly, making herself moan louder at the stinging pleasure.

“Haldir, Take him.” The dark elf snapped his eyes open at the order and looked at Haldir. He smiled gently down at the panicking elf. ‘You will enjoy it, I promise.’ He mouthed to him. Haldir leaned over and picked up the small bottle of oil from the bed stand and moved behind Erin, out of his vision.

Erin leaned down, pausing from her movements. “All you have to say is stop, and we will. We will not force you.” She looked into his eyes, her concern for him lancing his heart with abounding love for the woman. He nodded and started to relax as she stroked her body against him and plunged his erection into her dripping folds. He stiffened slightly as he felt Haldir’s hand against his bottom, rubbing the slick liquid around his opening.

Erin muttered soothing words into his ear as he felt a broad finger nudge itself into him, moving in agonizing slowness. He moaned and turned his head to murmur endearments into her ear in return. The finger started to move slightly faster, slicking his hole a bit more. It stopped and then a second finger joined the first, adding more oil. He grunted at the odd feeling of stretching. Erin traced the outline to his ear with her hot tongue, trying to create as much pleasure for him as possible.

“Sweet Eru! More, please more.” He begged, eyes rolling back in pleasure. More oil, another finger. Erin kept fucking him as he groaned and bucked against the invasion. The triad moved back and fourth, slicking his entrance even more, he moaned and tried to match the thrusts.

Haldir caressed Erin’s exposed back, letting her know that they were ready. He removed his fingers and lubricated his hard cock. Placing the head at the oiled opening, he slowly pushed forward pausing and letting the tied elf adjust to the feeling.

The dark elf nodded to Haldir over Erin’s shoulder. He pushed slowly until he was buried in the dark elf. He paused and slowly started to pull out then half way he pushed into him once more. The dark elf gasped and bit Erin’s shoulder. She clenched her inner muscles at the nip. Making him groan and throw his head back. She reached between them and untied the velvet strap from around his penis and tossed it aside. Haldir then leaned forward. Bracing his arms on either side of the bodies before him, he started a slow steady pace, moving Erin’s body with his own as he did.

Before long they moved faster, becoming louder with each thrust. Erin was the first to reach orgasm, seeing the elf below her flush with lust, desire and pleasure, the elf behind her groaning into her ear, the mental image of what he was doing being the final stimulation to cause her to gush. It caused a chain reaction, soon after, the dark elf shook with orgasm crying out to the heavens. Haldir, hearing them reach fulfillment with the combination of the elf clenching his member with his opening, he spilt his seed into the dark elf.

Erin collapsed against the elf below her, Haldir managed to hold his weight, pulling out, making a mess upon his sheets. He rolled off the bed and picked up a washcloth, dipping it into the basing, and wringing out the excess water, he made his way to his bed partners and gently cleaned the elf before wiping himself off. He undid the bonds of the dark elf before stretching himself out besides the still joined pair. She smiled at him lazily, leaning over and capturing his mouth with her own.

“Thank you.” She whispered into his mouth. He smiled into her kiss, and kept the smile when she leaned back and settled herself on the dark elf. The dark elf looked at him sleepily, Haldir took the initiative and kissed him, tasting one another. Erin grinned at the sight.

“I think I like watching this. No, I KNOW I like watching this. Hey! Don’t stop now!” They both looked at her, full of humor. It was then she noticed the pillow beneath the dark elf was stained.

“What’s this? Black dye?” She looked at them questioningly.

“Dearest, I’d like you to meet Prince Legolas Greenleaf.” Haldir said with a grin.

She gasped and looked at the pseudo dark haired elf. She realized that he was right, it was a dark haired Legolas. She punched Legolas in his side and slapped Haldir.

“You jerks! I can’t believe you tricked me like that! You…You…” She trailed off when Legolas started to caress Haldir’s stinging face and started to kiss once more.

“Unfair.” She pouted, and was then moved to lie between the elves.

“You would never play the part of Mistress with me, so I asked Haldir to help me. Though, his involvement in the intercourse was not part of the plan.” Legolas informed her, shooting Haldir a look.

“So you’ve never had Haldir before? He busted your cherry? Cool.” Haldir rolled his eyes at her back. Legolas kissed her with a grin, holding her close. “So you did this because you wanted to be my bitch? Legolas, baby, I didn’t think you were ready for it yet.” She snuggled closer to him, playing with the colored tresses.

“Will you do so now?”

“Ask Haldir, you’re his now.” She ran her finger over the bruise on his neck. “He’s claimed you.” Haldir put his arm around her waist with a smug look. Ignoring the glare Legolas sent his way.

“And he will, because I’ve claimed HIM.” The smug look disappeared in a flash, reappearing on Legolas.

“You look really good with this dark hair. I think that you’ll keep it for a few weeks. It makes sex more interesting.” She muttered before dosing off.

Legolas and Haldir looked at each other for a moment before leaning towards each other. Her hand shot up between them before their lips touched.

“You won’t be doing that unless I’m fully awake and watching.”

“Yes, Mistress.” They intoned, settling and finally falling asleep themselves.

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