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Big Plans !!!!

Let me preface this first by saying that the last time I have been to an interview was well over seven years ago. Seven. Years.

I have been given an opportunity to come into headquarters to a multinational company and interview for a position. I am so very excited and nervous at the same time. It won't be the end of the world if I don't get it, but it will definitely be a good thing for me to be able to get used to the process again. I had submitted my resume several months ago directly with the company instead of a staffing agency, deciding that an extra source of income would help boost our monetary intake. 

I have no plan on leaving my currant job, since I don't work that many hours at it. If I do get hired, then it would be a blessing, although I am not much for using that phrase to be honest. It may mean that I would need to up the budget on gas, but it will be worth it in the long run. 

If I don't get hired, then there are other companies that are similar but more localized to my city. At this point I am crossing my fingers that they find me suitable for the position because it's something new and exciting. 


Cox Business Internet

We were recently emailed by Cox, our internet provider, that we have been going over our data cap.

Screenshot of email. Over 1 TB of data used.
Screenshot of email. Over 1 TB of data used. 

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Work is not my friend, right now

Insomnia can be a bitch. I’ve got a pill to help me sleep but it makes it extremely hard to wake up in the morning. That’s rather difficult for me since I starting working some shifts in early morning. It’s pretty lose/lose for me. My usual relaxation techniques keep getting interrupted, so it’s not that relaxing.


Add to the fact that I may need to find another part time job, the stress levels I’m facing is higher than I normally am used to. Sometime faking happy is easier than actually being happy.

It’s been ages!

Yes, here I am, putting a blog post up. Miracle of miracles, right? Well, lots to say. I injured the tendon in my left wrist. I’m finally healed enough to work at my job again, but it will always be there, bugging me. Reminding me, yet again, about how much I despise my job.

I may be going on a vacation in July, as long as I get tickets.(crossing my fingers here)

Bright side? Looking for a new line of work. Down side? Finding myself woefully underqualified for the jobs I want.I

*sigh* Anybody want to give me a chance as a personal assistant?

Or secretary? I’m pretty well orginized.

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