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Happy New Year.

It's January 1ST 2017! Happy New Year! My land lord decided to celebrate by raising the rate, again! I am going to ask for a couple of things, if he really expects me to pay that amount. We're prepared, and not stressed over the change because we have a working budget. We can handle it but it was definitely unexpected. 


Oh well.

Oh Boy…

Since It's been MONTHS since I last posted I have decided to change that. I will try to post daily and get in the habit of sharing. Since I have been on a savings kick, we are trying the David Ramsey Baby Steps thing. We already completed Baby Step 1, and are in the process of Baby Step 2. I know it's usually the longest one to do because it involves paying down all debts, and boy do we have some!


I think that the hardest part of this whole thing is making a budget and sticking to it. I think a discussion is in order and maybe we can get this done, It would be nice to put the money up for a down payment on a house instead of paying some store for stuff we bought on payments. 


Wish us luck!

Short Vlog and Recomendation

Short Vlog……it's been a while, I know.



Getting Back to Writing

There are lots of thing that I have stewing in the pot that is in my brain, story wise. So much so that I'm making variations of my stories that I've already planned out. I may actually write something for National November Writing Month. Maybe. I'm thinking about it. I have this habit of writing on paper, but haven't really transfered to the digital format. There's something about having a pencil or pen in hand and clean, crisp paper in front of you. I find it easier for thoughts to flow than sitting at a computer and typing it out. Yes, typing is required to have any hope of sharing any words I just find it…tedious. There are programs that can dictate words vocally but I get too frustrated ( and a bit stupid) to use it.


I will get my act together and get my stories up and posted. I promise I will! I swear! 



Update, nothing much really.

I just wanted to let you know that: Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve been working on writing a book, and working on normal everyday life. So far Life is winning. It’s going to be a very hard process for me because I can’t seem to juggle everything that I need to get done. I’ll try and update some of the works in progress when I can.

Wish me Luck. (I prefer Good Luck if you can manage)