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My day was a waste(d)

I wanted to do so much yesterday! But instead I drank. The thing is I don't usually drink as much as I did yesterday. If I do drink its extremely diluted but not yesterday. I had 3 mixed drinks that equated to 8 large shots. I was drunk, wasted, etc. I wanted to reorganize my kitchen, didn't happen, wanted to redo my closet, nope. I suppose I'd have to wait to do it another day when I am not so hung over….

I feel somewhat productive today!

After putting in some extra hours in work this morning and a quick stop to Dollar Tree for a few cleaning supplies (and some flash cards for my son). I roped in my husband and my oldest daughter into helping me catalog our Movies and Video Games. Wow, we have a lot! Some duplicates, so those most likely will be traded in for store credit at our usual haunt of Bookman's. Not only did I make a list, we also dusted them off and reorganized them into some semblance of order. I think this is a step in the right direction. Now I need to get the kids to help me spring clean while they're off of school. Wish me luck!