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Being Crafty

Lately I’ve been on a craft kick. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting. Now, Soap making. I’ve been hitting Hobby Lobby to get some things, but I’ve also been hitting thrift stores as well, getting crock pots, spoons, and other things because I want to start making soap using KOH and NaOH (Lye). I want to make my own liquid castile soap, instead of buying Dr Bronner’s (not that I don’t like it.  Dr.-Bronners-Soap I just want to make a lot and not worry about how much I am using for the purposes I use it for. In the next couple of months I will start with basic soap and work my way to liquid castile soap. I don’t plan on selling any of the soap, I just want it for home use, and I want to know the stuff in the soap my family uses. For example, my son gets a severe reaction to aloe, I want to make sure that there is no aloe in the soaps we have, both liquid and solid.


Since I have more time because work is cutting my hours, I will have more time on my hands to work on all my craft things.

I May Be Traveling…I hope.

Given my change in jobs, I have become more available to travel. As long as I have internet, I’m good to go! This has me thinking of becoming more active in the idea of travel. I’ve always wanted to see New York, and I’ve got a friend who said that I could stay with them. So no need to find a hotel. They also said that they would take me to the fashion district, and if it’s anything like LA, I know that I’d have a blast! (I’ve gotten into sewing and am always looking for a good deal on thread in bulk, elastic, fabrics and notions). I hope to see the sights and see the Atlantic Ocean, since I’ve only been as far west as Utah, and that’s only to see relatives a decade ago.


I’ve also been looking at youTube as far as packing suggestions go, and found something that I had no idea existed. Packing Cubes. Totally blew my mind! Seriously brilliant! With packing cubes there is no way to over pack (Like I ALWAYS tend to do) and theoretically be able to have everything on a carry on. I’m seriously considering ordering a set with my next paycheck.


I have a mighty need!