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Adding more to my arsenal

I have this bad habit of getting into hobbies and never doing anything with them. This new hobby I've already invested hundreds of dollars in, well…not really it was gift cards, but you get the idea. My newest acquisition is an impact driver from Harbor Freight, I went into the store not planning on buying anything but when I saw the price of it I couldn't not get it. I've been wanting to get an impact driver for a while and the one I liked the best was $99, but I wasn't really prepared to spend that much on just one tool. So this one caught my eye it was only $20 and since I just started into woodworking and home-improvement DIY I figured that this would be a great starter tool and that I would not be using it all that often to justify a $99 purchase.



I've only used it a few times but already I am happy with it since it fits my needs perfectly and it matches the rest of my toolset. The first thing I plan on making is a shoe rack for my kids closets since they have their shoes all over the place. I have to do is plan it out since I have everything I need to make it. With all the negative stuff that's been happening the last few months I want to focus on this positive aspect of my life, I love working with my hands and I always have the ability to make something that I can't afford to buy. I can't wait to get started!

A Really Spiffy Day….

Many things happened in the last few days. Monday I was scheduled to have my second therapy session, but it was changed to Wednesday Morning after a brief phone call with my assigned therapist. Which was alright because we received a visa gift card in the mail and one of the the things we got (was really for me, actually) was a circular saw, one blade to go with it, an orbital sander and the sandpaper that goes with it. I was so excited and also feeling guilty because I felt like we were spending too much on what I wanted. My husband was trying to talk me into a sliding miter saw as well as everything else. I said no because at this point in time I doubted that it would get much use. Although I would love to get it eventually, I think the next set of tools I would want to get would be a router with router bits and a Kreg Jig. 20150720_14360920150720_143511

I tested the saw and sander to make sure they worked, and at the store I purchased a 2 year replacement warrantee for the saw. I now need to get the wood to make either a work table or at least a new computer table for my husband. I already have the screw drivers, both cordless and corded, I am hoping that once I get decent at work working  I can start selling what I make so we can have a little money on the side, also start saving up money so we can start doing fun stuff like go to Disneyland as a family.