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Cox Business Internet

We were recently emailed by Cox, our internet provider, that we have been going over our data cap.

Screenshot of email. Over 1 TB of data used.
Screenshot of email. Over 1 TB of data used. 

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The Turn: Part 1

This has been in the works for quite a while, still working on it.


Disclaimer: Any resemblance or names are completely fictional. If you like it, please feel free to leave a comment.






I never should have let it happen. Sure, Diana and Greg warned me not to get too close but I ignored them. I was curious, she was exotic, her eyes were the oddest shade of blue. She looked innocent, and fragile and weak. I was completely fooled, I looked into her wide eyes and leaned forward. The little bitch reached out with those wicked claws and slashed my face!


I cursed out loud, for my stupidity and the pain on the right side of my face. Now not only do I have this disgusting scar, I share the cell next to her.


"Fool!" she spat at me.


"Freak!" I hissed back.


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Part 2 from previous post


I continued to drink from the bottle as I waved Eric to his things across from me. He glared as he gathered his belonging and headed to the door, he paused at the door and turned.


"Lynn, I know that you're not going to believe me at the moment, but I have to say this. I've fallen for you. Find me when you're ready to accept that fact." He left, smoothly opening and closing the door.


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Random, not so quick story of unknown name that I’m to lazy to title.


Got bored, started writing, came up with this, isn't done yet. 

😀 Enjoy



I stared at the writing program, it’s cursor blinking accusingly at me. I scowled back in return and thought of very nasty comments to say to the tiny nag.


“You know it helps if you actually write something instead of just willing it to appear on the screen.”


I transferred my scowl from the screen to the woman sitting at the edge of my desk. She grinned at me while eating what looked like a chocolate glazed donut. My scowl turned into a glare. The blasted woman looked like one of those anorexic supermodels but ate the same amount of calories as a sumo wrestler.


“God, I hate you!” I told her, with all the loathing I could muster.


“Keep at it and I might actually believe you.” She polished off the donut and come over to see what I had written. A frown flashed on her face before she gave me a neutral look.


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