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Early Birthday Present!

I received the best early birthday present possible! A new laptop! The one I had been using, the battery failed and some of the letters were falling off. Since I work from home on the computer, it was difficult for me to use. I need to get used it because it's been a while since I used a computer with a full sized keyboard and number pad. It's rather sad that technology can be so outdated so quickly. My old laptop was only 4 years old. It runs slower than I remembered it and it took a while to load my programs. Other than the preinstalled programs on here, it's a pretty sweet computer. Way better than the old one, and I'm totally in love with the fact it's 1 Tera bite. I think that maybe I'll get Steam on this new one finally play the games I want to. There was a game controller that I saw at the store for a reasonable price. Such a great day!

My Birthday

My birthday came and went this year with a couple of phone calls and several texts. One of the things I received was a gift card to Target. My father called me up and said he was going to send it to me, and I replied “You don’t have to”


To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything from my parents, given the fact that my brother and sister in law had their first child earlier this month. I fully expect them to spend their hard earned cash on the new grandkid.


No big. But yesterday I received my obligatory birthday card with, surprise, a target gift card. So on my next day off (today) I went to see what they had. I ended up getting a board game, Clue. Some back to school art supplies, a wire rack (I was looking for one for a while) and Magic the Gathering 2015.

 2014-08-30 16.22.052014-08-30 16.22.16


I have quite the collection and I plan on doing Friday Night Magic when I have the time and money.