Solar Energy

I had originally written this, but due to my inability to hit the save button, I lost the first post. That was my mistake, that being said, here is what I understand about it.

With all the pollution going on, I have been interested in renewable energy for several years. It hasn't been until recently that solar panels and solar panel kits have been made more affordable. I have seriously considering perhaps getting a small kit to help offset our electricity needs, I researched for several hours how it works and what components are needed to be able to use it in our rental. 

The panels produce energy which you then put into a regulator and into batteries. Marine or Golf Cart batteries would be best, and when it's not charging the batteries it goes into a converter that then can be put into the home, offsetting electrical usage and lowering the cost of the energy bill. Now, I know that there are different panels in different sizes that produce different outputs and that it dictates as to how much energy goes into your home. During the sunshine days it produces a different amount doing the shady days, the point of the batteries are to put energy into the home during the night. 

My plan is to try and put more energy into our kitchen and living room area since they have the more energy hungry appliances. I don't plan to mount it to the roof, but have it in the yard where they would be easier to maintain and move with the sun. I know that this sounds labor intensive but to maximize energy production, I am willing to do it. There are also energy converters that you can simply plug into a regular outlet and it deposits the energy into the home. 

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