Road Trip: Las Vegas

It was a quite memorable start to a somewhat long drive. We were passed by a Grey Corvette with a temporary license plate early in the drive. We later passed the same Corvette, about an hour later, it was pulled over by Highway Patrol. Lonnie and I laughed loud at the sight. We were in high spirits on the entire drive, chatting and laughing and enjoying each other's company. We arrived hours before check in time, so we left the bags in the car and started to explore the area. Even then the masses surged on the walkway of the strip, the smell of alcohol was faint amongst the crowd, our excitement was palpable. We returned to the hotel and check in (after a nap) we returned to the strip. From that moment, all the days and hours blended together, four days merging into one very interesting and fun experience. I made video logs about it…..and here they are.


Oh, also: To the guy who was trying to talk to me. I wasn't ignoring you, I have nerve damage in my left ear, so much so that I'm completely deaf in that ear. Try being on my right side next time 🙂

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