Random, not so quick story of unknown name that I’m to lazy to title.


Got bored, started writing, came up with this, isn't done yet. 

😀 Enjoy



I stared at the writing program, it’s cursor blinking accusingly at me. I scowled back in return and thought of very nasty comments to say to the tiny nag.


“You know it helps if you actually write something instead of just willing it to appear on the screen.”


I transferred my scowl from the screen to the woman sitting at the edge of my desk. She grinned at me while eating what looked like a chocolate glazed donut. My scowl turned into a glare. The blasted woman looked like one of those anorexic supermodels but ate the same amount of calories as a sumo wrestler.


“God, I hate you!” I told her, with all the loathing I could muster.


“Keep at it and I might actually believe you.” She polished off the donut and come over to see what I had written. A frown flashed on her face before she gave me a neutral look.


“Um, you do know that your assignment is due in about” She glanced at the overly large digital wall clock, the red numbers ticking away like a countdown to death “Three hours.”


I batted her silky blond hair away as she sat on the desk, and glared at me.


“You’re on the verge of getting pink slipped and you procrastinate on the assignment of the decade? All you had to do was get a statement from the DA over his alleged affair with the Mayor’s son. Did you even do it?”


I tried not to but I ended up giving the Deer in the Headlight look.


She looked outraged. “Lynn!”


“I’m sorry! He was hot, and looked vulnerable…”


“You slept with the DA? What were you thinking?!” She looked interested for a moment. “Was he any good?”


“I spent the better part of a week with him and never left the bedroom. What do you think?” I shifted in my chair, still a tad sore.


“You could have gotten an exclusive.” She crossed her arms across the silicone implanted chest, a gift from her well to do husband.


“I could have but it wouldn’t have been very nice.”


“Lynn, you’re a journalist. NICE, shouldn’t be in your vocabulary at all.”


“Fine, fire me then! I don’t care anymore!” I hissed and sat back in my chair and crossed my arms, pouting.


She leaned in close and spoke lowly as to not shout our argument. “You were supposed to go to group for this, Lynn. I enjoy sex as much as the next woman but jumping into bed with all of your assignments compromises the integrity of the magazine. I’ve been busting my butt covering for you but I’m just about had it. You need help.”


“No, I need a boyfriend or girlfriend who can keep up with me.” I griped. I opened the bottom drawer of my desk and handed her a thick stack of type copy.


“What’s this?” she looked thru it and her well groomed eyebrows shot up in surprise. “You finished it! Why didn’t you want to turn it in?”


“He’s a nice guy, I didn’t really want to throw him under the train. So to speak.”


“Wait, there are two copies here, which one do you want me to print?”


“Whichever, one’s positive the other one, not so much. You’re my editor, you decide.” I picked up my purse, locked my desk and turned off my computer. “I’m going home, before shit hits the fan.”


I walked towards the elevators. “Keep your cell phone on!” She called out as she made her way to her own office.

[email protected]!~

I hate living in New York. I struggled to open the door to my overpriced apartment and once I was in I wrestled the heavy door back into place and locked it. Sighing, I tugged off my coat and threw my purse and keys on the well worn couch. I hung my coat in the coat closet and kicked off my shoes, throwing them in the closet as well.


I went into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of wine from the small rack and opened it, wishing that I had something stronger.


“Eric, please forgive me.” I muttered before I took a mouthful of the wine from the bottle. I shook my head and plopped on the couch and stared out window, I got the colors of the sunset over the brownstone that my apartment faces. I pulled my purse to me and got out the pictures that I had developed before going to work. It was Eric Haleen, the very honorable DA. He was smiling in the first photo, the second was a candid of he and I together, I gave a sad smile as I remembered the moment when he wrestled the camera from me and held it up, so that we both ended up in the photograph. There were several of them, before we forsook the daylight, and entered his bedroom. We spent hours upon hours in different sexual positions. In between we talked, of life, of politics, of how much we hated our jobs.


I had finally found the one person that could put up with my sexual insatiability and my emotional hang-ups and I sold him out for a paycheck.


I was halfway into the bottle when there was a knock at the door, I lolled my head back and yelled. “WATTAYAWANT?”


“Lynn? It’s Eric, let me in.” I straightened up and stared at the door in disbelief. What?


I placed the bottle on the coffee table and made my way to the door. I quick peek revealed that it was indeed Eric on the other side. I unlocked the door and wrestled it open.


“Hey.” I motioned for him to enter. He did and glanced around the studio before resting his sights on me.


“We need to talk.” His tone was serious and for a moment I considered running out of my own apartment.


“Sure.” I wrestled the door closed again and gestured to the seating area. He placed his briefcase and his very nice coat on one of the chairs of my tiny dinette set before settling himself on the couch. He patted the space next to him and I obeyed.


“I have something to tell you and you’re not going to like it.” He told me.


“That’s funny, ‘cause I was going to tell you the same exact thing.” I told him with a weak smile.


“Lynn, I’m sorry but I used you.” He picked up my hand and held it between his two large ones. “We needed someone on the inside to place a…bug, I guess you can say, in the internal servers so that we can monitor your bosses transactions.”


“Is that legal?”


“We have a warrant, otherwise I’d never go along with it.”


I was still confused. He held up my arm and my eyes fell on the charm bracelet that he had given me.


“No, you didn’t!” I gasped and pulled my hand from his.


“It’s wireless. All you had to do was get close enough to any computer that was turned on, and it would download the software.” He took off the bracelet from my wrist and put it in his pocket.


“And here I was agonizing over the fact that I had to turn an article about you, you prick!” I got up and grabbed the bottle and sat on the table. I took a swig from the bottle and glared at the briefcase and coat that was opposite me.


“Article? About….oh.” He stood up and walked toward me until my glare pinned him in place.


“I wrote two. One painting you as a martyr, another painting you in a less than favorable light. I told my editor to choose for herself, you can guess which will sell more copies.”


“I told you…”He was agitated.


“Like I’m supposed to believe you now?!” I didn’t feel so bad selling him out now.




“You said what you came to say, and I told you what I wanted to tell you, so we’re done. Goodbye!”

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