Planning for the Future

The last few months I have been watching different YouTube videos about budgets and whatnot, then I stumbled upon a few that have these really nice planners and I was fascinated. The more I watched the more I found that I wanted to do the same thing and use a planner. I researched the different planners available and the one that got the most reviews was the Erin Condren which is the most popular, but the most pricey.


It comes customization from the webpage, you can get three different styles of dated planners from them: vertical, horizontal and vertical hourly. They also have planners for students, teachers as well as journals, and they offer lots of different accessories from interchangeable covers to sticker packs for your planner. Speaking of sticker packs there are a multitude of etsy shops that cater to the planner community and has many different stickers for the Erin Condren planners.

Another that seems to be popular is the Happy Planner, it is a disc bound planner that allows you to customize it wither with store bought products or your own imagination. They offer a hole punch for your papers and accessories that you can create yourself, they also have discs that range from .5 inches to 1 and 2 inches, depending on your needs. Again, there are etsy shops that offer stickers and other sundries for the Happy Planner.


Then there is the Recollections Planner that is sold exclusively at Michael's craft stores. They are comparable to the Erin Condren, but you do get the instant gratification of not waiting for it to ship to you. They range from a regular Life Planner to a Wedding Planner and even a Pregnancy Planner, they also come in vertical and horizontal, and with a coupon that you can find regularly it can be even cheaper from 40ish to 20ish or less.


Unfortunately, I don't have the funds for any of these so I decided to make my own for now. I bought a few things off of Amazon, like a mini binder, some Avery dividers and full sheet sticker papers. I have a printer and printer paper so I got to work on making my own planner. There are lots of free planner printables if you are willing to look. It's a learning experience for me since I am not quite sure what works for me and won't. The sticker sheets are for when I make my own stickers since I won't have money for all those wonderful esty shops for a while.


When I finally make my choice I will definitely buy one of the planners since I have some spending money budgeted in, I'm just not sure which one.

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