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I continued to drink from the bottle as I waved Eric to his things across from me. He glared as he gathered his belonging and headed to the door, he paused at the door and turned.


"Lynn, I know that you're not going to believe me at the moment, but I have to say this. I've fallen for you. Find me when you're ready to accept that fact." He left, smoothly opening and closing the door.


I glared at the door as it traitorously closed with a soft click instead of the usual jaw grinding squeal. "The universe is against me, I swear." I got up and locked the door and stared at the empty dinette set.


"I freaking hate having a conscious about this now! Ugh!" I growled and dug my cell phone out of my purse and pressed 2 on my speed dial.


It rang once before I heard a crisp, efficient answer. "Margot."


"You really need to be more personable when you answer the phone." I grumbled.


"Lynn? What's what?" I heard feint crunching, I wrinkled my nose at the thought of those stale pretzels she always has in a bowl on her desk.


"You haven't sent the story to print yet have you?" I flopped back onto the couch, bumping my head on my overly large purse in the process.


"Not yet, why?" I could hear the suspicion in her voice, the same suspicion that she usually had when she had to cover for me.


"Um, could you run story A instead of story B?" I put my free hand over my eyes, feeling the tension that was beginning to build there.


"How do you know I would run B?" Curiosity and a winsome smile. I could read her expressions better when I wasn't looking at her.


"I know you better than I know myself, my dear. So?" The question hung for a moment.


"Alright, I'll run A. You drive a hard bargain, Lynn." She smirked, and took a bite of one of those god awful pretzel.


"Just be grateful I wrote it at all. I am getting all out of sorts with each assignment." I sighed and started rubbing my eyes. "How much paid leave do I have?"


"Two weeks worth." Her eyes narrowed.


"Liar." I snorted.


"Fine, a months worth." The chair squeaked as she sat back.


"I'm taking it. Starting tonight. Forward my mail, and leave me the fuck alone!"


She laughed and hummed the affirmative before hanging up.


I really, really, really needed to find a new line of work. The stress of being a journalist is going to give a freaking ulcer one of these days.




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