Dream – WIP

Pirates/National Treasure crossover: Usual disclaimers apply

This isn’t real, I must be dreaming. I was on a ship, I mean a real olden time ship. I could almost feel the up and down motion. It was kind of making me nauseous.

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Random Update

With the support of my spouse, I am writing a book. An actual book. You know the kind you take to publishers and ask “You make into paper and sell?” With much pouting and pleading eyes. YES! It may take me quite a while so all my FanFiction will be on hiatus for the time being. Wish me luck!

Naught But A Dream: Aftermath 1/?

Note: words appearing in {these} are spoken in elvish. Yes, I am lazy.

Chapter 1: Welcome ‘Home’

She sighed once more and looked up into the serene face of her ‘father’.

“Let me get this straight: Because I have effected the lives of some important elves here on Valinor, the Valar have granted their requests that I be brought here.” Her ‘father’ nodded. “Because I was living my life in a different world they decided to wait until I had died to bring me here in the form they most remember me. What about my family? What about spending the rest of eternity in Heaven where I belong? This is not right. Just because some prissy, always have their way, elves want me here does not mean that I want to be here.” He gave her a sympathetic look as she continued her tirade. “Then for the Valar to dump me on you, you’ve already lived your life on Arda and are enjoying Valinor, there was no need for them to mess up your life like that. I’m really sorry, by the way.” Continue reading Naught But A Dream: Aftermath 1/?


Disclaimer: With the exception of Gwen Caldwell (who is a tamer version of my hornier Erin-sue character), I do not own any characters, this fandom and I make no money by writing this.
Rating: R or NC-17 depending on how you look at it.
Notes: I was working on a different story when this hit me, I blame my mute muse who gives me graphic images of smutty things.
Reviews would be nice, but not necessary.
Thoughts in ‘these’.

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The Gift

Author: Erin Land w/TW (playing the muse)
Fandom: Lord of The Rings
Type: Oh, definite PWP, Smut abounds in this one, be warned.
Disclaimer: I do not Own anything from LOTR and I make no money.
Feedback: much appreciated
Notes:Caution: Smut of the Non-Vanilla variety. Seeing as how most of my recent posts have been smut related, it seems a shame to stop that trend now. I would like to give credit to TW for helping me with this, she pretty much helped to write most of this by giving me the ideas. This is my first somewhat slashy story and I would like to know if I did a good job. Um, that is all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Fic.


“I’ve got a gift for you, love.” He whispered into her ear.

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Naught But A Dream Part 5

Naught But A Dream: Part 5
By: Erin Land
On the subject of Alzheimer’s: I know how emotionally stressful it can be to have a loved one have this disease. I dedicate this to my great grandmother Lodia Soberanis. May She Rest In Peace


Every dream was becoming more and more depressing for her. They reminded her of what she did not have anymore.
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