Not Feeling Well

The past two weeks I have been recuperating from a severe muscle strain, and today I have a follow-up to see if I am fit enough to return to work. Unfortunately for me I now have a severe cold that is kicking my ass, along with this weird sound whenever I try to take deep breaths. At this rate I'm never going to be ok to work (Ok, I'm not really complaining about that, it's just that I don't feel like working yet.) I'm in a thermal shirt, a regular t-shirt and heavy jeans, I'm also going to put on my sweater because I am not feeling peachy right now. I keep
sneezing and blowing snot out of my nose. Oh, yeah, really sexy image right there, right?


All I want to do is just sleep for, oh, the rest of the month of February, is that too much to ask?

Update: Went to the clinic, they suspected I have allergies. I have an inhaler now. Joy.

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