New year, big changes


As usual, it has been forever and a day that I last updated my blog. Let’s start with what is new with me: I quit my old job and started a new one. So instead of working from home for an internet moderation company, I now work in a warehouse. An Amazon Fulfillment Center. It’s a physically demanding job and I have been working it since October, other than some blisters in the beginning and coming home exhausted I find the job pretty enjoyable. I get a minor discount for being an employee.

I have also purchased a new desktop, not only for my Silhouette Cameo (which is currently not working) and for the future 3D printer. It also has been used by my son since we have enrolled him in an online academy. His previous public school had an incident with a couple of bullies that have done nothing about it, even though they had a so-called ‘zero tolerance’ for it. It was handled poorly and we felt he would be safer going to a different school. He’s much happier about it now. His grades actually soared with the current structure.

With the slightly higher pay and more hours with my new job, we are actually making some headway in paying down some of our debt. It’s a slow process since we are still going thru what works for us as far a budget goes.

One thing that I seem to not make time for is the weekly Facebook meetings that I enjoyed so much from before, and my weekly planning in my planners. I have yet to figure out when to actually make proper time for it. It has been so hard to keep up, but I do not want to stop.

So that’s what is going on. Not sure how often I will be able to update my blog, but the plan this year is to try and do YouTube videos and make them coincide with my blog posts. Here’s crossing my fingers and hopefully making this work.

Happy New Year!

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