New Interest….shoot me, please.

Alright. I know that it’s been ages since I blogged here. And for that I am sorry. But I now have a lot more time to dedicate myself to my blogging (and writing) but to be honest I’ve been a bit distracted.

Here’s why:


Tom Hiddleston.

Yes, I know. Another brit actor to obsess over. *sigh*

~whines~ But he’s so good!

I honestly work backwards when I find an actor or actress I like. I watch all the things they’ve done previously if I can get my greedy little hands on it. He first came to my attention in Avengers as the movie villain Loki, then I watched Thor, again he was Loki. Then I watched War Horse (something that I never thought I would watch, award winning or not) I am mightily impressed with his range.


Then I heard that he’s now in a movie where he plays a vampire…my brain just exploded.


It’s called Only Lovers Left Alive.

Not only is a good actor, he has a sense of humor.



I really need to meet this guy……

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