New Goal.

After a rather embarrassing photograph I’ve got a new goal that I set for myself. I will exercise until I achieve a look that I am happy with, rather than what they say I’m supposed to be. My personal goal is to be voluptuous. Not thin, not skinny. I happen to like my boobs, thank you very much. The anorexic look, while may be the fashion, is not very healthy. My ultimate goal is to be sensuous with curves a woman should have, because a woman is supposed to be all curves. What the hell do you think is sticking out from my back anyway? It’s supposed to be there. So, poo on you personal trainers. I’m doing my own damn workout routine now.

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  1. It’s always a good idea to do what’s best for your body. Keep in mind every pt is not just in it for your money. We wish you well, if we can help please let us know. To us, every journey matters.

    Josh and Quincy Moran Brothers.
    Now go achieve those goals!

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