Never thought I’d be taking these…

I was given some medication to take daily that I never thought I would ever take but now that I've been diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Social Anxiety I'm happy that the medication seems to be working. I'm not as sad as I have been, other than the high stress of the time I went to court (I still need to turn in the paperwork to the court house) I seem to be doing well. I've been given Prozac, I'm starting the second month of the pills and I was told the it would reach full potency after 8 weeks so I'm looking forward to that, I was also given Xanax but I haven't taken any yet. I am hoping that I'm on the right track about feeling better, I'm going to give it a few months and hopefully it's all I need. I guess it's one of those 'wait and see' moments. 

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