Naught But A Dream Part 4

Naught But A Dream, Part 4

By: Erin Land
Fandom: Lord Of The Rings
Type: Short Story
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Notes: *wince* Please Don’t Hurt Me! I’m going by the book (sorta). This is one of Five stories. Translations can be found at the end of the story.

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She was standing at a beautifully decorated window overlooking a river. She blinked, this seemed oddly familiar. She was standing barefoot in a filmy white sun dress that stopped a few inches below her knee.

“Where am I?”

She asked aloud.

“In my Talan in Lothlorien.” A deep voice answered.

She spun around and saw a large blond elf. She almost thought it to be Glorfindel but he had the wrong hair color.

“You dream of your home, then?” she asked.

“No, Valinor is my home. This is where I grew into adulthood, the place I guarded for 3000 years.”

“You are the Guardian of the Golden Wood? A Marchwarden?”

“THE Marchwarden.” He corrected.

“Forgive me.” She gave a little smile.

“It is alright, everyone knows who I am on Valinor. It is refreshing in meeting someone who does not.” He stood from the four poster bed he was sitting on.

“I find peace here. It calms me, especially after what has been happening recently. I am being victimized by clothing thieves and nothing is being done.” He grumbled.

“Why don’t you get two sets of clothes? One for yourself and one for the thief. Lay the thief’s clothes in one pile with a note saying you got him his own set and ask that he not steal yours anymore?”

He stared at her like she suddenly sprouted another head. She shrugged.

“It might work. Can’t know unless you try.”

“You do have a valid point.” He admitted reluctantly.

“Do you dream of this place often?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Yes, usually I have an elleth waiting for me here, one in particular. I suppose she grew tired of me, she kept asking when I would be bonded to her.”

“She was trying to rush you?”

“Yes, she had already bragged that she captured my heart. She was not who I thought she was.”

“I know how that is.” She looked saddened for a moment. She looked out the window once more, fingering the silver band on her index finger absently.

“Ah, I speak of things that sorrow us both. Would you like to walk with me, I could show you a place that will make us forget our troubles.” He held out a hand to her.

She turned and looked at him and his outstretched hand. She delicately put her small hand in it and marveled at his gentleness as he place it on his forearm and guided her out the door. She looked at him as they walked, he was taller than Glorfindel and broader. His lips were fuller, she noted with a small smile. His clothes would probably be a bit loose on Glorfindel.

“Admiring perfection, I see.” He commented, still looking ahead.

“No one is perfect, Marchwarden, with the exception of the creators, everyone has a flaw – whether we are able to see it or not.”

“A woman who thinks, a rarity.”

“An elf who is vain, how common.”

He glared at her, she smirked back.

“A sharp tongue as well. I must be cautious else you may cause me harm.”

“Yes, in the most delicate of places.”

“Such as?” his eyebrow rose, wondering what she meant.

“Your ego…and possibly your penis.”

Both eyebrow shot up at that. She gave him a naughty grin.

“And I tend to bite when extremely angry.”

“I must not anger you, then.”

“That, Marchwarden, would be wise. Does this special place you have in mind have a name?”

“No, but we will both enjoy it.”

They continued walking enjoying the scenery and some light banter along the way.

“Close your eyes, Meldis. I wish for this to surprise you.” He asked after a long way.

She closed her eyes obligingly and took a firmer hold on his arm. He stopped her and stood behind her, placing his large hands on her small shoulders.

“Open your eyes.” He whispered into her ear.

She gasped at the sight before her. It was Lothlorien in its entire golden splendor. She was awe struck by its beauty and smiled at the large elf standing behind her.

“It is beautiful! I have never seen anything like this before!” she said in awe.

“I know. Here, Meldis, we shall share a meal.” He pointed to a blanket and meal set out that she didn’t notice.

“It’s such a lovely spot for a picnic. Do you bring elleths here often?”

“No, only ones who are special to me.”

“Are you implying that I am special to you?” she teased.

“Perhaps, perhaps not. It is for me to know and you to find out.” He smirked at her.

“Fine! Just don’t expect me to become bonded to you!” she retorted.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He said with a snarky smile.

She shook with rage but then got a sly smile on her face. She stepped close to him and groped his crotch. The snarky smile left his face as his eyes glazed slightly.

“Good, as long as we’re clear. Let’s go eat.” She said with the smile still on her face. She sat on the blanket before he could respond.

“Such actions could lead you to trouble one day, little one.”
He recovered and sat next to her.

“It could..wait…did you just call me little? I’m not little! Just…vertically challenged!”

He chuckled slightly at her vehemence at the name.

“You are easy to tease, Meldis.” He picked up an apple and started to eat.

“Only because I enjoy your company enough to let what you say bother me.” She said demurely as she plucked a ripe strawberry out of its little basket and ate it thoughtfully as she eyed the golden scenery.

“You are getting yourself into trouble again.” His voice whispered in her ear, shaking her from her thoughts.


“You are tempting me with your languid actions.” His arms encircling her waist.

“Languid, such a long word. It must have been difficult for such a beauty as yourself to say.” She retorted.

“You truly vex me with your tongue, I should punish you for insulting the Marchwarden of Lorien like that.” His arms tightened.

She squeaked at the sudden pressure. She nonchalantly reached over and picked up another strawberry and rubbed it against her lips, realizing what set him off. She leaned back into his chest and snaked her tongue out to lick the berry suggestively. He muffled a pained groan as she continued nipping and licking at the berry. Then popped it into her mouth and ate it.

She felt him lower his head into her shoulder and proceeded to lick and nip the base of her neck as she did the strawberry. She moaned in pleasure as he traveled up and nibbled on her ear. She whimpered in protest then shrieked in indignation as he stopped his kisses and let her plop on to the blanket like a rag doll.

“Didn’t I warn you about getting into trouble?” he smirked down at her from his standing position, towering over her.

“Looks like I’m not the only one in trouble.” She said with a devilish grin, noting the peak in his leggings.

“Am I to be faulted if I find a quick witted woman desirable?” he folded his arms across his broad chest and quirked an eyebrow.

“No, of course not, but what shall you do if said woman wishes to tease you?” she countered, getting comfortable in her prone position.

“Oh? And how could she tease me?” Curiosity evident in his eyes.
She gave him the biggest grin she could get and lifted the long sun dress up and over her head before he could blink. Leaving her in a white bra and panty set that she remembered seeing at Fredericks’s the day before.

“You can look, dearest Marchwarden, but you can’t touch.”

“You are trouble, Meldis.” He said as he laid next to her,
drinking in every detail of her body. She dipped her index finger into the wine he served for her and brought the wet digit into her mouth and sucked it dry, but not before a drop fell onto one of her ample breast and trickled down into the cleft made by the lacy underwear.

He felt the strain in his leggings as he watched her. Now he understood what she meant by teasing. He flipped himself over her and hovered, effectively locking her arms at her sides without touching her.

“I’m not touching you, so you cannot protest.” He remarked as she opened her mouth. He was supporting his weight by his hands and toes over her so she couldn’t even sit up.

Suddenly hands were roaming his broad chest, neck, back and buttocks. He looked at her smirking face in shock.

“I didn’t say anything about me touching you, now did I?” She snaked her hands under his tunic and ran her palms across his peaking nipples and he shuddered at the light caress. He felt something caress his legs and looked down to see her legs spread in welcome and rubbing his outer thighs wantonly.

“You undo me, woman!” he groaned, eyeing her lace covered crotch in hunger.

“Do you wish to touch me? Ravish me?”

“Yes.” He hissed.

“Then declare me smarter and better looking than you.” Her hand cupped his straining erection for a moment.

He remained silent and she frowned. She rolled onto her stomach, watching him over her shoulder, she raised her butt so it touched his erection. He growled and thrust against her, hard.

“I concede to your wishes. You are smarter and better looking than I.” He said reluctantly.

“I knew you’d see things my way.” She rolled onto her back. “Marchwarden, have your way with me, I am yours.”

“Mine.” He breathed as he gave her a gentle kiss. “Mine.” He repeated, kissing down her body.

He spread her legs and placed a hand under her and lifted her up, making her lace covered sex even with his face.

“A treasure.” He whispered as he ran a hand over her sensitive spot delicately, she trembled at the caress. He smiled at her, lowered her back down and reached for her cup of wine. She watched on, curious of what he was up to. He tipped the glass slightly and a small trickle landed on her breasts and stomach. He licked the wine off her body with long strokes that made her moan with each motion.

He plucked some raspberries from the basket and placed them on her belly and ate them one by one, tickling her as he did. He dipped a finger into a bowl she didn’t notice before and placed the finger at her lips, offering her a taste. She opened her mouth slightly and tentatively licked and was surprised to find it to be sweet honey. She sucked at the finger, flicking her tongue at the tip, eyes full of promise. He smiled at her then replaced his finger with his lips.

“Soon enough, Meldis, soon enough. Be patient.” He murmured against her lips. She pouted at him as he pulled away. He
gently slipped the straps of her lacy bra off her shoulders, kissing where his hands brushed against, causing her to shiver.
He pulled the lace down enough to expose her breasts. He paused to appreciate them, watching as the nipples hardened under his gaze. He dipped his finger in the honey again and drizzled it over the nipples, she groaned in anticipation. He settled on her, careful not to crush her with his weight.

He grinned at her as he ducked his head down and took a long lick of her nipple, taking some honey in his mouth and some honey spreading more fan like on the skin. He felt her hips bump into his stomach, trying to get some friction. He gently held her down with a hand on her hip as he did the same to the other nipple.

She was moaning loudly by the time it was him to suck the sweet residue off. He placed his mouth around the puckered flesh and sucked as he pulled upward. Her hands flew to his head and she arched her chest to him, screaming in pleasure, her thumbs traced the outline of his ears and he groaned, fingers squeezing her hip. She continued rubbing her thumbs against his ears as he sucked on the other breast.

He slid down her body and out of reach of her wandering hands and dipped his finger in the honey once more. He slid the lace aside and smeared the sweet goo on and in her sex. She moaned and whimpered, shivering in anticipation. He licked the mix of honey and her juices off his finger, he eased himself down between her legs and grinned up at her.

“Not many reduced me to begging, but please!” She groaned.

“Patience, Sweetness, patience.” He murmured.

His tongue flicked out and caught a sensitive spot, she screamed out for more. He leaned in and licked and sucked the honey from the surface. He grabbed hold of her thighs, securing them in the open position. With one last glance up at her he dove in and shoved his tongue into her, working it in and out, getting every last drop of honey. She bucked against him, if he weren’t holding her down he’d have his nose smashed. She cried out in a strong orgasm, as he lapped up the juices. He let go when she relaxed and sat up.

She sighed and reached for him, she grabbed hold of his tunic and yanked up. He helped with removing the offending garment the rest of the way as she started on his breeches, working them down far enough for her to grab hold of his penis and start stroking.

“Easy, meldis, we have time.” He groaned when she quickened her pace.

She ducked her head down and engulfed the head of his shaft in her warm mouth. He grunted with the force of her suction. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up with him as he stood. He slid his breeches off the rest of the way then guided her to a nearby tree and pushed her against it. He grabbed hold of her upper thighs and pulled her up and onto his rigid cock. He entered her with one quick thrust and held her as she adjusted to him. She held herself steady as he started his movements, every thrust rubbing against her in the most delicious ways. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he worked the flesh of her thighs, spreading her wide as he thrust. She griped his arms and marveled at the network of muscles flexing under her fingers. He moved faster and they both groaned at the stimulation. He trusted one last time, jamming himself into her hard. He grunted in satisfaction as he squeezed her thighs then moved his hands up on her waist and carried her back to the blanket and laid with her. He moved against her again, his strokes longer than before, she gasped as he pressed his thumb against her nub and worked it. She quickly had another orgasm under his ministrations.

He sat up and pulled her into his lap and held her. They sat in silence, looking at the scenery once more. It was he that broke the silence.

“How do you survive a betrayal of the heart?”

“You just do, if they weren’t honest with you in the first place, then I don’t think they were that good of a person to be in a relationship with. You just cut your loses and pray that next time, you will know better.”

“If they say that they are sorry?”

“If they are sincere, then forgive them and continue, if they are not, then forgive and say that you do not wish to see them again.”

“Thank you, Meldis. You have been a great comfort to me.”

“What are friends for? I have to go.” She adjusted the lacy underwear back into place and reached for her discarded sun dress.

“So soon? Will I see you again?”

She smiled at him and kissed those full lips that brought her so much pleasure.

“I am naught but a dream, dearest Marchwarden.”

She slipped from his arms and put the dress on and walked away, her form faded from his sight and he was left alone.

He woke soon after with a sigh. He looked upon the letter he betrothed sent him. She was not sorry. He knew her well enough to know that. He picked it up and held it to the still burning candle on his bedside table and let it burn. He rose and doused it in the wash basin and dressed. He had many things to do this day, including getting a double order of clothing. He grinned suddenly, wondering if Lord Elrond still had that recipe for itching powder. Haldir left with a laugh and a lighter heart, and wished that his dream woman would be here to enjoy it as well.

End Part 4

Meldis – friend (fem.)
Elleth – elf woman

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