Naught But A Dream Part 3

Naught But A Dream, Part 3

By: Erin Land
Fandom: Lord Of The Rings
Type: Short Story
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Notes: *wince* Please Don’t Hurt Me! I’m going by the book (sorta). This is one of Five stories.

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“Good, at least it’s better than sand.” She was in a lounge chair by a crystal clear pool filled with cool blue water. She was dressed in a thin white dress, under which was a white string bikini, cloth covering the important parts. What made her happy was the pink tinged sunglasses in an oval cut covering her eyes.

“I hope this isn’t symbolic.” She muttered lying back and getting comfortable. A shadow fell across her, she squinted at the sun backed figure. She groaned when she realized that they were wearing a robe.

“Not again!”

He was scowling down at her as if furious that she even existed. She scowled in return.

“What?” she snapped at him.

If possible his scowl deepened. She threw her hands up in annoyance.

“Fine! Don’t talk, I’ll just ignore you. Seems better that way anyway.” She shrugged off the dress as she stood and walked over to the metal rail bolted to the ground near the pool steps.

“What did you do to Lords Elrond and Glorfindel?”

“Oh, now you speak! What do you mean what did I do? I didn’t do anything and for that matter why do you think it was me?”

“Glorfindel spoke endlessly about a maiden in his dream that had eyes the color of dewy grass and hair that shone like the earth’s fertile bed.”

“How poetic.”

“Upon hearing the description Lord Elrond confessed of having a dream with a similar Lady who advised him on how to comfort his Celebrían. He has so romanced his wife that every elleth, married or no, sigh at the very mention of his name.”

“That’s so sweet.”

“Glorfindel disappears in the morning and returns with loose clothing which I suspect has something to do with Haldir’s complaint of his clothes being stolen. Then in the afternoon he goes to each of the Valar and begs that this dream woman be brought to Valinor and then goes on about how her beauty would be envied by the flowers that grow and that her wisdom would be welcomed to the counsel. All this happens as I bear the brunt of the political duties.” He finished sourly.

“Glorfindel has issues. Delegate the work, that’s what all leaders do. Problem solved, now go away. I want to enjoy this gorgeous pool all by my onesies. Savvy?” she bent down and begun untying the laces of her roman sandals. She was suddenly yanked upright by her hair and a strong hand on her breast.

“Lord Elrond also said to me that ‘she’ was as tempting with her voluptuous body as only an edain could be. I find that I quite agree.” He hissed into her ear, pinching her nipple roughly. Anger boiled inside her, she would not be a victim in her own dream! She elbowed him in the stomach with as much strength as she could muster, catching him unawares. He doubled over in surprise then was surprised yet again by a knee to his temple that sent him to his knees, dizzy and disoriented. He found himself tied, flat on his back and arms above his head, to the metal railing with the long sandal laces she was wearing.

He blinked at her as she serenely unlaced the other sandal she still wore and proceeded to reinforce his bonds. He had taken off his robe and tunic to feel her skin against his, and was now staring at the small woman now perched upon his naked chest, glaring down at him. He could feel the warmth coming from between her curvy legs on his chest, making him struggle against the bonds, which earned him a smart slap on his exposed sides. He stopped. She picked up a handful of his long dark hair and was caressing her face with it, looking down at him.

“I was hoping that we could have a civil discussion.” She moved the caress to her shoulders and breasts.

“I guess I was wrong.” She quickly wrapped the hair around her hand and tugged on it – hard. He was surprised that it hurt but did not cry out.


She grasped his throat, nails digging painfully and turned his head, leaving his ear exposed. She leaned down close enough for him to feel her breath.

“Not quite – try again.”

The sadistic quality of her voice sent shivers down his spine. He found himself becoming aroused.

“My Lady.”

“Getting close – one more time.”

He felt the tip of her tongue tracing his ear, it made him harden instantly, but what he said next got him to the point of pain.

“My Mistress.”

“That’s a good boy!”

He was rewarded by her sucking gently on his ear. The mixture of pleasure and pain made his erection unbearable.

“Now, if I am your Mistress, you are my…”

“Slave.” He answered quietly.

“Smart and good looking! Now you lay here and think about what you did to make Mistress angry.”

She gingerly got off his chest and strode out of his line of vision. He then heard little splashes. She got into the water. He groaned as he imagined her wet, smooth skin slick with water, this didn’t help matters. When he heard the splashing grow distant, he rocked his lower body up, bringing his legs up to his hands, and extracted the small dagger he always carried in his boot. He then felt the dagger pulled from his hand and his blood ran cold. She crept like a panther, hair dripping and skin glistening, across his chest and leaned against him, dagger in hand.

“Now you wouldn’t try to leave now, would you? I just got started.”

His blood ran hot again as he watched water droplets trickle down in between her breasts. She played with the tip of the dagger, running it over her palm, then she began to do the same across his cheek. He stayed deathly still, not wanting to get himself stabbed. She then ran the tip down his throat and across his nipples. She stopped the dagger above his heart and gripped the handle tightly. His heart raced, he was unsure what she would do. She leaned forward, dagger still gripped tightly. She licked the rounded handle and sucked on it, staring into his eyes. He gave a strangled gasp as he felt himself harden even more. She knew what it took to bring him to hardness. He felt that if he was careful she would bring him ultimate pleasure. This act of Mistress and Slave was driving him mad, he never knew that being in a submissive position would be so satisfying.

She tossed the dagger across the pool and laid on him, like he was the lounge chair she was in when they started. She looked down when she felt the large bulge against her leg. It went down almost to his knee.

“Oh, now, what is this?” she caressed the bulge, making him moan.

“Do you desire me, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Tell Mistress, what you would like to do to her.”

He swallowed thickly, should he be truthful? Yes, he should.
Mistress would be angry if he wasn’t.

“I would lay Mistress on her back and play with her breasts.”

She settled into him and played with her breasts, moving the wet material aside.

“Like this?”


She pinched her own nipples, leaned her head back and moaned.

“Go on.”

“Then I would kiss my way down her stomach, taking off her clothing.”

She sat up, grinding herself against the bulge and took off her top and them wiggling against him as she took off the bottoms. She got up and sat on his chest again, facing him, running her hands up and down her stomach slowly.


“Then I would lick her womanhood.” He glanced down at her warm spot against his chest. “Until she was wet and ready for me.”

She licked her index and middle finger, and brought them to her nether lips and started to stroke them up and down. She leaned back placing an arm snug against his bulge, so he could get a better look of her touching herself. He stared at the action and the feeling of her arm against him made him dizzy. He continued to watch as she dipped her middle finger into her hole and spread its wetness over her nub as she concentrated on it.

She rubbed it in a slow circular motion. Her breathing became quicker. She laid completely on him, her head against his bulge as she pleasured herself. He watched, mesmerized as her fingers moved faster. She started to buck against her own hand as she brought her free hand up and grabbed hold of his bulge and squeezed. Her cries became louder, then she arched her back and squeezed the hand between her legs. She screamed then rested limply on top of him, catching her breath.

She rose slightly to flip around and rested her head on his chest.

“I’m wet and ready, what next?”

“I would impale my Mistress on my prick and pleasure her into unconsciousness.” He said, shakily.

She kissed her way down his chest and stomach to his leggings. She unlaced them and pulled them down slowly kissing the skin as it was exposed. She uncovered the base of his member and licked it.

“Mistress is too kind to her Slave.” He ground out, pleasure overwhelming.

“Just wait, it gets better.”

She pulled the leggings down enough for his engorged penis to spring free.

“Let me guess, you intimidate your lovers.” She told him as she eyed the over average appendage.

“Yes, Mistress, I do.”

“You poor thing.” She cooed as she kissed her way up his thighs. She reached his large sacks and sucked on them. He hissed a breath thru his teeth. She licked his phallus slowly, taking the swollen head into her mouth when she reached it. He groaned at the intense pleasure. He almost cried when she stopped and crawled up to be even with his eyes.

“Mistress likes her Slave.” She kissed him deeply, sucking on his lower lip as she pulled away.

“Mistress is going to reward her Slave.” She reached behind her and guided him into her wet entrance. He groaned in ecstasy as he felt her tightness grasp him. He closed his eyes and tried not to spend at that second. He felt her take him deeper and deeper. He opened his eyes in surprise as he felt her take him completely. She grinned as she settled herself and leaned back, bracing her self on his legs. She sighed as she slowly rose herself, feeling him slide out, rubbing all of her inner bumps tantalizingly. He refused to look down at their joining, for fear of spending too soon.

“Thrust into me, quickly!” she ordered.

He complied, bringing his hips up and burying himself deeply within her depths with a satisfying slap of skin against skin. He pulled out and in again, quickly. He fucked her as quickly as his restrained position allowed. He worked furiously to make her orgasm before he did. He felt the perceptible tightening of her inner muscles around his prick, followed by her throwing her head back and screaming. He spent, his penis jerking strongly, depositing his semen deep in her womb. He glanced down and saw their joining, he stretched her to her capacity and saw a mixture of their expenditures ooze from the sides. This triggered another strong orgasm from him. She fell onto his chest. He breathed deeply as he struggled weakly against his bonds. He wanted to touch her badly.

“Please, Mistress, Please. Let your Slave touch you, hold you. Please, Mistress.” He begged, tears forming in his eyes. She ran her hands up his lean arms and undid the knots. He quickly brought his arms around her, holding her close.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Tears falling freely. He noted the angry red marks on his wrists but ignored them. He never felt anything like this before; he wanted to hold her for eternity. He looked at her a she raised her head, as if listening to something; he realized that he liked the way her damp hair clung to her face. She turned her head and looked into his eyes.

“I have to go.”

“No, please stay!” He held her tighter.

“I have no choice.”

“Mistress, melamin, coramin. Never has there been one like you.”

She smiled softly at him. “I am naught but a dream.” She kissed him and was gone before he could respond.

His head thumped down in misery. He awoke to the feeling of great loss. He looked down at his hands and found he was holding something white. He held it up, then suddenly noticed the red marks on his wrists. The white thing was her dress. He smiled, he had a part of her with him, he wouldn’t have to rely on memory alone. He quickly changed out of his night clothes and into his robes ready to face – no – to delegate duties. Maybe he could go to Gil-Galad and see if he could help Glorfindel bring her to Valinor. Erestor set out, determined to bring his Lady home.

End Part 3

Melamin – My Love
Coramin – My Heart

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