My life needs an overhaul.

I had an epiphany the other day, as I stomped to my lunch break. I am wasted at my current job. I sincerely believe that my IQ level is beyond what I am doing. I am tired of working with….children. With lackwits and buffoons.

I need people who I can relate to on an intellectual level. Even the so called ‘leaders’ have no sense (and in one instance, no high school diploma). I crave change. I hunger for challenge.

I want a career. Something I can be proud of. I have settled. This is a bad thing. I vow to make something of myself. I refuse to let those who oversee me at work tell me otherwise.

They don’t know me, they don’t know of my depths, my intelligence, my perseverance.

I. Will. Do. This.

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  1. In the famous words of that annoying hairy guy named Rob from most of the Adam Sandler films “You can do it!”. I believe in you girl and will help any way that I can.

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