Meeting my kids’ teacher

Last week I had a meeting with my kids' teachers (by their request) and one of them was my daughter's reading teacher. She freaked out a bit when she conveyed the message that her teacher wanted to talk to me. She's a bit of a nervous kid, bites her fingernails, and she has practically no nails to speak of. frown   Anyway I went and met up with this collage looking guy with a book bag (should have been my first clue that he was the reading teacher)  and we talked at length about her and how her reading and comprehension level were the highest in the grade level. He handed me a thick stack of papers and said that it was a book list (to my surprise I actually read some of the books on the list) that most Advanced Placement classes used. I mentioned trying to get her to read Animal Farm, I think he was talking to himself when he said 'Oh, that's a great idea!' I think I may have made his class harder for his students. cheeky  He also stated that he was jealous over the fact that she brought (my) Jim Butcher books for free reading time, he confessed to me to looking all over for his books. I told him that I had one of this book autographed the last time he came to the Phoenix Comicon. So we parted ways and I was pretty relieved that she wasn't in trouble, since she's a sass master at home. 

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