I May Be Traveling…I hope.

Given my change in jobs, I have become more available to travel. As long as I have internet, I’m good to go! This has me thinking of becoming more active in the idea of travel. I’ve always wanted to see New York, and I’ve got a friend who said that I could stay with them. So no need to find a hotel. They also said that they would take me to the fashion district, and if it’s anything like LA, I know that I’d have a blast! (I’ve gotten into sewing and am always looking for a good deal on thread in bulk, elastic, fabrics and notions). I hope to see the sights and see the Atlantic Ocean, since I’ve only been as far west as Utah, and that’s only to see relatives a decade ago.


I’ve also been looking at youTube as far as packing suggestions go, and found something that I had no idea existed. Packing Cubes. Totally blew my mind! Seriously brilliant! With packing cubes there is no way to over pack (Like I ALWAYS tend to do) and theoretically be able to have everything on a carry on. I’m seriously considering ordering a set with my next paycheck.


I have a mighty need!

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