I hate renting my home

I hate renting my home. Usually, our landlord is pretty good about getting things taken care of and is a nice guy. However, the fact I live in a house located inside a trailer park and the same amount of money for rent that regular homes in my area are going for is quite ridiculous.

The last month and a half and probably much longer we have not had any gas service since they have been using the cheapest labor available and often it seems like some of the workers have no idea what they are doing. There are two gigantic trenches in my backyard making it pretty much unusable. Also, the fact we can't take warm showers or use our stove is really getting to me. I'm not even sure this is legal since our lease does state the landlord would provide gas service.

My husband is no longer working and unfortunately at the moment we are without a car so moving isn't an option. However, a family friend may be allowing us to rent to own one of his homes in Laveen, Arizona once he is finished fixing the issues as last tenants caused before they were evicted. While this house would be a long bus trip to work the monthly savings would make it worthwhile. Also, plan on purchasing a used car once we get our tax return back in February.

That's how my life is currently going but, I do promise I will start posting on this blog a lot more.

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