I did a thing!


It has been several months since I last blogged and for that I apologize.

I have made a resolution to blog more, I have become more handy around the house as far as fixing things go. I fixed my husband's recliner, so it doesn't sag anymore, and since he got a new work desk I took over his old work desk. I didn't like the 80's blah brown so I set to paint it and make it my own.


We bought the desk and hutch set from Goodwill, a set of two for $12.99, it was a 5 piece set but we weren't able to get the 5th piece in the car. I didn't have a friend with a truck at the time. So we had matching desks for the longest time, matching hutches and everything. It was good, for a while. Until we realized how overwhelmingly dark it made the living room.


Yeah. It didn't help that one of the hutches blocked a window. My husband got tired of his desktop monitor not fitting so he got a new table (I love it. If it fit in my work corner, I would have gotten one too!) I took the bottom half of his desk since I liked how it had more leg room.


I emptied out the drawers and give it a quick clean before I started on it. First thing I did was remove the pulls that were on it on the first place, I didn't like them – they were ugly. I completely removed the very bottom file drawer, I know that I wouldn't have used it. While I was at it I removed some of the slide hardware from the desk I was using. I have yet to install the sliding platform in the desk yet since I got all sanded and painted out.

The pulls that I replaced the old ones with were single pull and the old ones were bar type so I had to fill the extra hole that I didn't need with wood filler. It worked great! Then there was the hole that they built into the desk for the computer cords, I didn't want it in the top, so I glued a spare piece of wood into the hole. It didn't quite fit right but I didn't mind. Then came the sanding.

I really don't like sanding. That being said, I sanded it until the ugly brown went away and the bare wood (I honestly thought it was cheap ply) showed thru. I did all surfaces that need it. I wiped it down and then sanded some more. Man, did it suck! But I did it. Then came the description as to what color to paint it. I originally planned to paint it a cream white, but hubby pointed out that it would be hard to keep it look clean. Good point.


Then he jokingly said Pink! Neon Pink!

I'm down. So off I went to look at what kind of pink was available. Score! It was an obnoxious pink and I loved it! After overpaying for Valspar Paint and Primer in one at Lowe's, I had my paint. I had some help with the first coat, when the paint dried it was even brighter than the swatch. I loved it even more!

After a light coughdidn'tdoitcough sanding, the second coat went on, and then the waiting. You the saying about watching paint dry? Yep.


Once it did dry I had to finagle the single pulls so that it fit properly, that means taking my largest drill bit and countersinking the screw until the pull fit snugly on the drawer. Positioning it in it's new place was easy, I was going to do the same with the hutch but it looked nice with the window not being covered, so I just left it as is. I have to say that I really like my set up, I have more leg room, I have drawer dividers for all the drawers, but I'm still fiddling with the layout so that it fits my satisfaction.

It's so pretty!

Overall, I am pretty darn happy with how it turned out!

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