Fame Whores. A List.

There are many people I put in this category. Those who stir up trouble for their own gain, to be in the spotlight and to have their names in the papers/blogs/TMZ.

They’re the ones that do outrageous and/or stupid things to keep their ‘popularity’ afloat.
Welcome to my ‘Hall of Shame

Paris Hilton. Really? Do I need an explanation? 

The Kardashian Family. See above.

Joe Arpaio. This racist Sheriff needs to learn that he needs to spend more time upholding the law rather than getting his name in the news.

Donald Trump. This racist needs to keep his nose out of Politics and make sure he keeps out of Bankruptcy. Again.

Joe Jackson. Try to be a FATHER and keep the memory of your SON a good one. STOP capitalizing on his name. He didn’t let you do that in life, what makes you think that it’s ok in death?

Sean Combs. Pick a name and stick with it. Use what your mama gave you.

Dustin Diamond. Get a job. You’ve got two hands and a brain (I hope). Use ’em.



I’ll be adding to the list periodically. Some time these ‘celebrities’ (and I use the term loosely) get me tee’d off.

Until Next Time.


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