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We were recently emailed by Cox, our internet provider, that we have been going over our data cap.

Screenshot of email. Over 1 TB of data used.
Screenshot of email. Over 1 TB of data used. 

So I gave them a call, we were at the maximum data package for our area. This was bad news for us since we relied heavily on the internet, we both work from home and use the internet to earn a living spending approximately 16 hours per work day online. I first spoke with the Residential Sales, they had nothing but bad news for me, then I spoke with technical services and they didn't give viable solutions for us. I had always planned to speak with Business services as a last resort, they transferred me over. All I wanted to do was get an idea as to what the prices were. I had the absolute luck to speak with Fernando (seriously, if you are in the Phoenix area and need Business services ask for him when you call, he is the absolute best!) I give him our situation and asked for some prices and asked questions regarding data caps. 

He told me something that really peaked my interest. No data caps on Business Internet. We spend on average 2 TB a month on data, so you can see why I liked what I heard. He looked at our currant services and managed to give us a great deal. He proposed the highest speed package for us, at a different price since what we do isn't what he would call a 'true' business. The catch was we would have to sign a three year contract, and he threw in the first month free when he heard me wavering a bit. 

It was too good to pass up, so we agreed. Best decision ever! The following Monday we were hooked up, the tech that came out helped set up the work and guest WiFi and when we did a speed test I was blown away! It was soooo much faster than Residential that I will never go back. I felt that with Business we definitely got our money's worth.

I put the kid's electronics on the Guest WiFi and our work computers and TV on the work settings. We do uploads and what not so when we did the first two YouTube video uploads they were uploaded so quickly I was stunned. This should make work better for us in the long run, so if you are in the market for internet with no data cap and great customer service give Cox Business a try. 

Just my opinion. 

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