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Big Plans !!!!

Let me preface this first by saying that the last time I have been to an interview was well over seven years ago. Seven. Years.

I have been given an opportunity to come into headquarters to a multinational company and interview for a position. I am so very excited and nervous at the same time. It won't be the end of the world if I don't get it, but it will definitely be a good thing for me to be able to get used to the process again. I had submitted my resume several months ago directly with the company instead of a staffing agency, deciding that an extra source of income would help boost our monetary intake. 

I have no plan on leaving my currant job, since I don't work that many hours at it. If I do get hired, then it would be a blessing, although I am not much for using that phrase to be honest. It may mean that I would need to up the budget on gas, but it will be worth it in the long run. 

If I don't get hired, then there are other companies that are similar but more localized to my city. At this point I am crossing my fingers that they find me suitable for the position because it's something new and exciting. 


Solar Energy

I had originally written this, but due to my inability to hit the save button, I lost the first post. That was my mistake, that being said, here is what I understand about it.

With all the pollution going on, I have been interested in renewable energy for several years. It hasn't been until recently that solar panels and solar panel kits have been made more affordable. I have seriously considering perhaps getting a small kit to help offset our electricity needs, I researched for several hours how it works and what components are needed to be able to use it in our rental. 

The panels produce energy which you then put into a regulator and into batteries. Marine or Golf Cart batteries would be best, and when it's not charging the batteries it goes into a converter that then can be put into the home, offsetting electrical usage and lowering the cost of the energy bill. Now, I know that there are different panels in different sizes that produce different outputs and that it dictates as to how much energy goes into your home. During the sunshine days it produces a different amount doing the shady days, the point of the batteries are to put energy into the home during the night. 

My plan is to try and put more energy into our kitchen and living room area since they have the more energy hungry appliances. I don't plan to mount it to the roof, but have it in the yard where they would be easier to maintain and move with the sun. I know that this sounds labor intensive but to maximize energy production, I am willing to do it. There are also energy converters that you can simply plug into a regular outlet and it deposits the energy into the home. 

Irritated By Empty Promises

Getting ready to rip my hair out!
Getting ready to rip my hair out!

I have been given multiple promises that the site manager would install the hookup for our new washer. For the last two months. What's worse is that I have been promised since before I got the washer. 

I have been asking at least once a day as to when we will get the hook up and always get the same answer "I'll talk to the owner today." 

I have already invested the money to purchase the washer because he said it should be easy to do. If this keeps up I'm going to save up the money and pay a plumber myself and deduct the cost from the rent. I will see if that will get his butt in gear and make him follow thru with his promise. 

What would you do?

Not In A Good Headspace

It’s been a few months since my last post and I have no excuse for that. I haven’t quite been feeling myself as far as sharing goes. While I am still actively working on my planners I find that blogging, even when I put it on my to do list, is something that quite honestly, I dread.


What do I write about? I think that perhaps that I need to break this down into something I understand better. I need to stop comparing myself to other’s works and do what I want to do. I will do my best to update at the very least two times a week, if i do more than that then wonderful!


I’m still working on many different fan fictions and they are nowhere near completion or publishing worthy.


I definitely will post planner related content as well as as budget related content. Other than that everything is just up in the air.


Planning for the Future

The last few months I have been watching different YouTube videos about budgets and whatnot, then I stumbled upon a few that have these really nice planners and I was fascinated. The more I watched the more I found that I wanted to do the same thing and use a planner. I researched the different planners available and the one that got the most reviews was the Erin Condren which is the most popular, but the most pricey.


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OMG! Sooo Cute!

I was picking up some things at Target the other day and one of the displays caught my eye as I have never even heard that it was even coming out. It was Kitchen Aid Mini Mixer and I completely fell in love! I know it's pricey but I am more than willing to save whatever I can to purchase one.

Especially since it comes with the same features as the full size one. Just Mini. It's advertised as just as powerful as the regular sized, but it's a smaller foot print. Thanks Kitchen Aid! I am totally sold!

Oh Baby!

A couple of months ago hubby and I were discussing perhaps having another child. We talked and then we planned and then we would try for baby starting January. Of course there were few things I had to take care of first, like removing my inter-uterine device. That meant going to my OB/GYN, it wasn't all that bad, he let me know that since I wanted to conceive he'd give me prenatal pill with a high folic acid content. He let me know that it will help with development of the child preconception.


Good to know.


Then came the fun part, the aftermath. I won't go into detail but let me just say I should have enjoyed those ten years period free.


So we are trying for a baby. So far no luck but we will keep trying, come hell or high water.

Happy New Year.

It's January 1ST 2017! Happy New Year! My land lord decided to celebrate by raising the rate, again! I am going to ask for a couple of things, if he really expects me to pay that amount. We're prepared, and not stressed over the change because we have a working budget. We can handle it but it was definitely unexpected. 


Oh well.