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Cox Business Internet

We were recently emailed by Cox, our internet provider, that we have been going over our data cap.

Screenshot of email. Over 1 TB of data used.
Screenshot of email. Over 1 TB of data used. 

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Irritated By Empty Promises

Getting ready to rip my hair out!
Getting ready to rip my hair out!

I have been given multiple promises that the site manager would install the hookup for our new washer. For the last two months. What's worse is that I have been promised since before I got the washer. 

I have been asking at least once a day as to when we will get the hook up and always get the same answer "I'll talk to the owner today." 

I have already invested the money to purchase the washer because he said it should be easy to do. If this keeps up I'm going to save up the money and pay a plumber myself and deduct the cost from the rent. I will see if that will get his butt in gear and make him follow thru with his promise. 

What would you do?

Planning for the Future

The last few months I have been watching different YouTube videos about budgets and whatnot, then I stumbled upon a few that have these really nice planners and I was fascinated. The more I watched the more I found that I wanted to do the same thing and use a planner. I researched the different planners available and the one that got the most reviews was the Erin Condren which is the most popular, but the most pricey.


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Oh Baby!

A couple of months ago hubby and I were discussing perhaps having another child. We talked and then we planned and then we would try for baby starting January. Of course there were few things I had to take care of first, like removing my inter-uterine device. That meant going to my OB/GYN, it wasn't all that bad, he let me know that since I wanted to conceive he'd give me prenatal pill with a high folic acid content. He let me know that it will help with development of the child preconception.


Good to know.


Then came the fun part, the aftermath. I won't go into detail but let me just say I should have enjoyed those ten years period free.


So we are trying for a baby. So far no luck but we will keep trying, come hell or high water.

Meeting my kids’ teacher

Last week I had a meeting with my kids' teachers (by their request) and one of them was my daughter's reading teacher. She freaked out a bit when she conveyed the message that her teacher wanted to talk to me. She's a bit of a nervous kid, bites her fingernails, and she has practically no nails to speak of. frown   Anyway I went and met up with this collage looking guy with a book bag (should have been my first clue that he was the reading teacher)  and we talked at length about her and how her reading and comprehension level were the highest in the grade level. He handed me a thick stack of papers and said that it was a book list (to my surprise I actually read some of the books on the list) that most Advanced Placement classes used. I mentioned trying to get her to read Animal Farm, I think he was talking to himself when he said 'Oh, that's a great idea!' I think I may have made his class harder for his students. cheeky  He also stated that he was jealous over the fact that she brought (my) Jim Butcher books for free reading time, he confessed to me to looking all over for his books. I told him that I had one of this book autographed the last time he came to the Phoenix Comicon. So we parted ways and I was pretty relieved that she wasn't in trouble, since she's a sass master at home. 

I feel somewhat productive today!

After putting in some extra hours in work this morning and a quick stop to Dollar Tree for a few cleaning supplies (and some flash cards for my son). I roped in my husband and my oldest daughter into helping me catalog our Movies and Video Games. Wow, we have a lot! Some duplicates, so those most likely will be traded in for store credit at our usual haunt of Bookman's. Not only did I make a list, we also dusted them off and reorganized them into some semblance of order. I think this is a step in the right direction. Now I need to get the kids to help me spring clean while they're off of school. Wish me luck!

I’m not sure if she’s pregnant or not

My cat has not been fixed yet and I know she was in heat a few weeks ago and now she's looking a bit tubby. I'm worried that she got pregnant and will soon have kittens. Don't get me wrong I love kittens, just not when MY cat has kittens. I think that I need to save up some money so I can get her spayed when I can. 

Oh Boy…

Since It's been MONTHS since I last posted I have decided to change that. I will try to post daily and get in the habit of sharing. Since I have been on a savings kick, we are trying the David Ramsey Baby Steps thing. We already completed Baby Step 1, and are in the process of Baby Step 2. I know it's usually the longest one to do because it involves paying down all debts, and boy do we have some!


I think that the hardest part of this whole thing is making a budget and sticking to it. I think a discussion is in order and maybe we can get this done, It would be nice to put the money up for a down payment on a house instead of paying some store for stuff we bought on payments. 


Wish us luck!

My wishes are simple

Sometime I feel so selfish for the things I want. My therapist says that it's ok to want things for myself, that I shouldn't feel guilty and that I need to treat myself every now and again. The things I want seem so outlandish for our family at the moment. I want a car younger than 20 years, in fact I want a brand new car because I know the air conditioning in a new car should work. I want to own an actual house with some land, I want to grow things that my family will love to eat. I want fruit trees and a vegetable garden. I want to bake my own bread, grind my own wheat. I want chickens for fresh eggs, I want a goat for some fresh milk, I want some dogs and not be restricted by a landlord as to what breed or size the dogs are. I want to be able to fix up the house and not require some strangers approval. I want to make my own workshop where I can make my own furniture, the way I want to. I want to put in solar panels, and not depend so much on a power company. 

I get frustrated because all this requires something I don't have. Money. That's why we started budgeting, we don't make a lot, but there's a lot of things we don't need to spend money on. It's going to be difficult, but eventually we'll get there. I just want my kids to grow up in a place that they can call home.