Budgeting, Take 2!

Changing our mindset when it comes to money is pretty difficult to do when you're set in your ways.

 Especially when you're married, so there's two different opinions when it comes to money. You have to be on the same page with the same goals, so for the new year we're going to try the budget thing again, but this time there's a different attitude about it. We had a meeting about what we want out of our money, so we will follow the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps, to a degree. Together, we set up the budget, together we will keep to it.

If it doesn't work we will change it until it does work for us. Once we finish paying off our debt we will be saving up for a second vehicle. We will be sticking to this since we will both be holding each other accountable to it. I'm looking forward to working on this because I have a good feeling, with both of us doing this, we will surely succeed. I will definitely keep this blog updated on our progress as the year continues. Both the ups and the downs.

Wish us luck!


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