Alright already!

If you’re looking for some profound thoughts…you’ve come to the wrong blog. For those who know me, you know how raunchy I am. Seriously, anything said off hand, not even meant that way, my mind automatically goes to the gutter. For example, yesterday my husband and I were speaking in the car. He was talking about something big, meaty, and juicy (A hamburger). I was thinking something else. I glanced down at his pants and he caught me. He then realized what he said and caught on to what I was thinking. I guess my grin was a big give away.

Then there’s the one of the guys who I work with. Who caught on to where my mind goes, asking the right questions goes a long way. Also helps that there are others that it happens to. You know who you are. He also knows that I’m hard of hearing. He takes advantage of it. So if you’re reading this, when I call you a jerk and asshat, I say it with love.
That’s why I write what I write. Because all these dirty thoughts need an outlet. When I get more time I’ll post some more of my stories up. Until then…leave me alone…stop bugging me….yes I know I need to update my blog more…I’ll get to it. I swear.

And if you believe that, you’re more gullible than I thought. 😛

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